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"Coq au vin" - variations sau despre tocăniţă de pui cu vin în trei acte

I consulted recipes from several sources and finally for my personal use I did a  short documentation about an wonderful recipe that I found to be similar to a traditional kind of Stews from the world's cuisine... It's just an opinion, an idea that things can be seen from different perspectives or points of view...

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It is said in wikipedia that "Various legends trace coq au vin to ancient Gaul and Julius Caesar, but the recipe was not documented until the early 20th century; it is generally accepted that it existed as a rustic dish long before that. A somewhat similar recipe, poulet au vin blanc, appeared in an 1864 cookbook." (from wikipedia)

So first of all: let's read and have an idea about the recipe reading these excerpts about this fenomenal dish... that can be done in many ways with red wine, jaune or white, with mushrooms, pork bacon, potatos, garlic, bay leaf, thyme, carrots, pearl onions, black pepper - as It can be seen that it's mentioned in the most part of the traditional recipes...

Then I must notice that I discovered that to the almost everybody in the home kitchen it is going to use an adaptation...saying: acording to the own taste! In some words: related to the kitchen's traditions there can exist different ways to cook a usual recipe also!

After all....every one is free to choose, to try, to adapt, to improve without any limits a recipe (regarding seasoning or using different ingredients or vegetables), to be an amazing "chef" in her or his kitchen!

Below some ways that I really tried to cook the recipe of coq au blanc vin…after I did some researches about how to be cooked in a simple, almost perfect, correctly manner, seasonable way!
Or simply said and done: according to taste...


Vegetable oil
1 - 1.5 kg Chicken (whole chicken or pieces)
Bacon slices – optional; (extra fat can be removed)
10 Mushrooms
4 - 5 Onions or some pearl onions
2 Carrots, chopped
4 Potatoes, chopped
5-6 garlic cloves
Green onion

2 cups of chicken broth
2 cups of white wine or red one

Thyme - dried
Black pepper
Salt to taste

1.         In a pot, a large pan/wok or a French cocotte, heat the vegetable oil and add the pieces of chicken or the whole and sauté on each side until they are golden coloured. (10 min). Season with salt and black pepper according to taste and then transfer on a plate.
2.         Then in the pan add the garlic and onion and sauté until softened and cook while stirring (couple of minutes). (about 10 min.) vegetable oil it can be add if necessary – optional.
3.         Add the carrots and onions and then stirring; continue cooking until the vegetables are tender. Add the mushrooms to saute, too. (about 10-20 min.)
4.         Return the chicken (whole or pieces) and the vegetables in the pot, seasoned according to taste – add salt and pepper, thyme, bay leaf and then poured some chicken broth to coat them well. (about 30,40 min.)
5.         Add the wine. Adjust the seasoning.
6.         Continue to cook them covered until is bring to the boil.
7.         Garnish with fresh green onion, parsley or what ever you like and it can be serve immediately. Enjoy the recipe!!

  • 1st variation: coq au vin in cocotte (slow cook); the whole chicken in white sauce; preparation time: 2,5 hours

  • 2nd variation: coq au vin in a pan or wok, served with sesame seeds (korean fusion style) and green onion and garlic; preparation time: 1h

  • 3th variation: coq au vin in a large pot (slow cook in the oven); served with pickles, green onion and chilli pepper; preparation - about 2-2,5 hours

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INFO/ click to see below/ (internet):

Here you can read an interesting article about “How to cook perfect coq au vin

               Here is a list of various recipe of Coq au vin blanc or red as you like:
  • au vin blanc:
  • red wine:

Remember: De gustibus non est disputandum!! 
So let's try any recipe as you like or according of your own taste... Do research, try, taste, enjoy, improuve and finally decide.. 
But most of all:
 Have fun at cooking! Enjoy!

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