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Timeless (6) When Spring comes. Când vine vorba de primăvară.

"Câteva cuvinte, ţi-ai spus,
doar câteva cuvinte, şi ai creat
o întreagă istorie, al cărei prezent
este deja ieri, aşa cum mâine
va fi doar trecutul aceluia 
ce-l va lăsa în urmă, pierdut
pentru totdeauna...
Doar un cuvânt, îţi spui,
doar un cuvânt, şi te-apropii
în drumul tău de nebănuitul pas
spre necunoscut, fără să te sperii
de gândul acela care eşti şi nu eşti
tu, de clipa aceea în care poţi să fii
şi eşti..." 
Poezie/Poem de/by: Elena Liliana Popescu 

A creative Spring sight of sky in deep blue.
First quarter of the moon. Primul patrar. "Primul Pătrar - când Luna este la o elongatie (depărtare) de 90° est, față de Soare;  atunci vedem doar jumătate din discul lunar iluminat (jumatatea din dreapta)." "Weather permitting, you can see this for yourself this week because the first quarter falls on Friday (March 27) at 3:43 a.m. EDT (0743 GMT)."
"Primul Pătrar - când Luna este la o elongatie (depărtare) de 90° est, față de Soare;  atunci vedem doar jumătate din discul lunar iluminat (jumatatea din dreapta)." "Weather permitting, you can see this for yourself this week because the first quarter falls on Friday (March 27) at 3:43 a.m. EDT (0743 GMT)."

From Did you know Category/ Știați că:

"Prunus cerasifera is a species of plum known by the common names cherry plum and myrobalan plum. It is native to Europe and Asia. (...)
New blooms and the first green leaves on branches of of white cherry plum (Corcodușul - Prunus cerasifera, sinonim P. divaricata) in Springtime of March, 26, 2015.It is one of the first European trees to flower in spring, often starting in mid-February. 
The flowers are white and about 2 cm across, with five petals." 

"Corcodușul (Prunus cerasifera, sinonim P. divaricata), denumit și Myrobalan sau Bomb, este o specie de plante care aparține genului Prunus, nativă din centrul și estul Europei, sud-vestul și centrul Asiei."

Este unul dintre primii arbori europeni care înfloresc primăvara, adesea pe la mijlocul lunii februarie. 
Click for more onfo on Wikipedia

"Primul Pătrar - când Luna este la o elongatie (depărtare) de 90° est, față de Soare;  atunci vedem doar jumătate din discul lunar iluminat (jumatatea din dreapta)." "Weather permitting, you can see this for yourself this week because the first quarter falls on Friday (March 27) at 3:43 a.m. EDT (0743 GMT).""Beginning skywatchers often think that the best time to look at the moon is when it is full, but experienced observers know that the moon is at its best for observing when it is around its first-quarter phase.

Light hits the moon obliquely, casting its surface relief into high contrast when the Earth's natural satellite is at its first quarter. Weather permitting, you can see this for yourself this week because the first quarter falls on Friday (March 27) at 3:43 a.m. EDT (0743 GMT)." Excerpt; Read for more info on

"Primul Pătrar - când Luna este la o elongatie (depărtare) de 90° est, față de Soare;
 atunci vedem doar jumătate din discul lunar iluminat (jumatatea din dreapta)."
Click for more info:**

*Sursa/source of poem:
**Sursa/source of video/info From Did you know Category/ Știați că: Wikipedia & internet

...Hope you'll have good time to have a look at the moon on the sky!!
 A necessary update according to
Forecast for today, in my part, says: "light rain, mist..." 
"Feels Like: 5 °C, 42 °F
Overcast Wind Speed: 28km/h, 17mph
Wind Direction: 70° ENE
Precipitation: 1.7mm
Humidity: 100%
Visibility: 10km
Pressure: 1007hPa
Cloud Cover: 100%" 

"The visibility will be around 7km (4 miles) and an atmospheric pressure is 1008hPa. We expect around 4mm of precipitation to fall and cloud covering 86% of the sky, the humidity will be around 84%. We forecast there is a 89% chance of rain around at 5:00, 89% chance of rain around at 8:00, 87% chance of rain around at 11:00, 98% chance of rain around at 14:00, 93% chance of rain around at 17:00, 99% chance of rain around at 20:00 and 64% chance of rain around at 23:00."

Arhiva foto privată/ Private photos archive.
Click to see enlarged views.
From the Spring of march, 2015. Springtime aspects. First quarter of the moon.
Series of photo instants, up-close & collages in color and black & white. 
Visions of a Happy Springtime!

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Stay positive, today, tomorrow and always! 
Rămâi pozitiv, astăzi, mâine și întotdeauna!
So, very thankful, each and every day, to be inspired...

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  1. un joc superb de nuante de albastru, de fotografii roz sau alb-negru, minunat calendarul lunii... articolul tau de astazi m-a incântat deosebit! multumesc!
    Un start bun in weekend, zile vesele si parfumate! ☺

    1. Frumoase randuri - ganduri! Multumesc frumos si asemenea, un weekend superb de primavara, desi pare sa se reintoarca vremea ploioasa *_* (lol)! Calde salutari!

  2. Oh, so gorgeous with all those blossoms!

    1. Spring has arrived with some blossoms, but also, with the rains... A sunny weekend to you!

  3. Tu cand apari, ne umpli sufletele de primavara,chiar daca afara ploua. Te pup cu drag,

    1. O primavara frumoasa sa ai! Ganduri de bine si multumiri pentru aprecierea facuta! Imbratisari cu drag, asemenea!

  4. The b&w photo is great!
    My post at:

  5. The sky can look so different in black and white. There's more emphasis on the clouds.

  6. Spring time is my favourite... Amazing photos...

  7. Beautiful sky shots and lovely collages. Have a lovely.weekend.

  8. Lovely skies and a pretty gathering of colours in the first photo.

  9. Beautiful skies and quotes.. Have a happy weekend, Alexa!

  10. Alexa, thank you for sharing and linking up your post.. Have a happy weekend!

  11. Great shot of the plane trail reflected in the water


  12. A gorgeous and enjoyable spring presentation.

  13. Beautiful images. I especially like the ripples of water.

  14. Wonderfull post about spring,buon prinavera, greeting from Belgium, Thanks for your visit.

  15. I'm looking forward to seeing spring arrive in my "neck of the woods." Lovely images of what I can look forward to.

    1. Oh, indeed! Hope you'll have a sunny and happy Springtime, as soon as possible! Warm greetings!

  16. So beautiful and inspiring Alexa! Thank you for your well wishes and of course for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥

    1. Thankful so much for hosting your beautiful I Heart Macro, too!! Warm greetings, Laura!

  17. Skies and blooms, how lovely you portray spring Alexa. Don't the moons make the best collage?
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

    1. For sure indeed! Moons are amazing to watch... Thank you for your expressed thought and for the incredible Mosaic Monday, too! Warm greetings!

  18. Wonderful Alexa!!! Such an enchanting post!!! I enjoyed the music when I looked at your beautiful pictures, read the good qoutes and all the other interesting informations about the trees, the weather and the moon.

    Enjoy a wonderful and peaceful springtime, whatever the weather says!!!
    much love and light

    P.S.: At the moment we have also 5°C, storm, rain and hail...

    1. There is no doubt that Spring will come...with or without forecast, indeed!! Thankful so much to read your thought and appreciation! Warm greetings for this still moody Springtime!! *_*

  19. Beautiful skies and colorful flowers! Spring could not possibly be lovelier!

    1. Isn't it? and spring time in april it seems to be much nicer... Thank you and Warm greetings, Sallie!

  20. Oh wow. You do wonderful spring color and some blue skies. The video with the beautiful music was perfect to go with the photos. I also like the Elenore Roosevelt quote as I admire her very much. Happy Happy spring dear Alexa... Michelle

    1. Happy happy Spring to you too, Michelle! The season is just at "debut", at the beginning of what actually it can reveal along the months of april and may... I look forward to see the wonders from your gorgeous backyard and around the lovely pond... *_* to read about the lovely butterflies, frogs or gooses...
      Warm greetings for you and family, as well!

  21. Great post, I really liked your photos!
    Many thanks for taking part in Floral Friday Fotos!

  22. Răspunsuri
    1. Asemenea, toate cele bune si o primavara insorita! Sarbatori Fericite si o duminica placuta de Florii !


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