vineri, 10 februarie 2017

Timeless (37) On the lake, as if in a fairytale, winter. Iarna pe lac. February.

Motto: "Mă duc pe marginea lacului, singur cu umbra.
Motto: "I go on the lake alone with the shadows." ... "How people feel they live and how they ensured that they live?  Maybe it's a mistake. They say about themselves "today". The worst, as the smartest, says "I". I'll say "I" and I, I said. But I doubted and I smiled. I am in the imagination of someone who does not know me ... "...Excerpts from  "Rîpa cu stele" by Tudor Arghezi from the volume "Ce-ai cu mine, vîntule?"
Însămânţaţi cu toate stelele Tăriei în văzduhuri şi-n reflex, plopii par pomii unui Moş Crăciun văratec şi cîntăreţ. Umbra ar voi să se joace cu mine, - cîine mut, cu tălpile de catifea. Se ţine o bucată de vreme înnapoi şi o bucată de drum o ia  înnainte sau cade pe undă. Luna pune lumină, şi călătorul singuratec aduce umbră.
Mi-a aduc aminte ce-i blajin, ce mi-i scump, ce  mi-e nesuferit: totul se filtrează ca printr-o hîrtie sugătoare, indiferentă la alcool şi la apă, - şi toate undele tulburi ale lacului meu interior dau aceeaşi lacrimă incoloră, de lichid aşezat. (...)
Cum simt oamenii că trăiesc şi cum s-au asigurat că trăiesc?

Poate e o greşeală. Ei zic despre dînşii "azi". Cel mai prost, ca şi cel mai deştept, zice "eu". Aş voi să zic "eu" şi eu, şi am zis. Dar m-am îndoit şi am surîs. Sînt în închipuirea cuiva care nu mă cunoaşte..."... 
                           Fragmente din  "Rîpa cu stele" de Tudor Arghezi din vol. "Ce-ai cu mine, vîntule?"
Motto: "I go on the lake alone with the shadows." ... "How people feel they live and how they ensured that they live?  Maybe it's a mistake. They say about themselves "today". The worst, as the smartest, says "I". I'll say "I" and I, I said. But I doubted and I smiled. I am in the imagination of someone who does not know me ... "...Excerpts from  "Rîpa cu stele" by Tudor Arghezi from the volume "Ce-ai cu mine, vîntule?"
In memoriam. To my beloved grandparents.

On the lake, as if in a fairytale, winter. 
Iarna pe lac, ca-n basme nemuritoare.

Like in old stories, in the ones starting with "once upon a time"... I've seen, once again, the snow covering the frozen lake. In my childhood,  for a while I used to have a short walk along the lake so many times in the way to my grandmother. But, even now when my grandmother no longer is for so many years,  recently I came back and I followed with nostalgia, for one more time, the path between the two sides of the lake. 

And it was too...white, too... different, but, so... natural, amazingly pitoresque.  

La fel ca în povești, în cele care încep cu "a fost odată ca niciodată" ... am revăzut, din nou, zăpada pe lacul înghețat al copilăriei mele; în acea perioada m-am plimbat de-a lungul lacului de atât de multe ori, în drum spre bunica mea. Bunica nu mai e demult si, de curând, cu nostalgie, am (re)urmat  drumul dintre cele două părți ale lacului.

Și era prea ... alb, prea ... diferit, dar, așa de ... firesc, uimitor de pitoresc. 
In memoriam.

Motto: "I go on the lake alone with the shadows." ... "How people feel they live and how they ensured that they live?  Maybe it's a mistake. They say about themselves "today". The worst, as the smartest, says "I". I'll say "I" and I, I said. But I doubted and I smiled. I am in the imagination of someone who does not know me ... "...Excerpts from  "Rîpa cu stele" by Tudor Arghezi from the volume "Ce-ai cu mine, vîntule?"
Motto: "I go on the lake alone with the shadows." ... "How people feel they live and how they ensured that they live?  Maybe it's a mistake. They say about themselves "today". The worst, as the smartest, says "I". I'll say "I" and I, I said. But I doubted and I smiled. I am in the imagination of someone who does not know me ... "...
Excerpts from  "Rîpa cu stele" by Tudor Arghezi from the volume "Ce-ai cu mine, vîntule?"

Arhiva foto privată/ Private photos archive.
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Series of photo instants, 
up-close & collages;
Edited in color, sepia and/or black & white. 
Visions. February.

Private archive.

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The Land That Is Not - Poem by Edith Sodergran

"I long for the land that is not,
For all that is, I am weary of wanting.
The moon speaks to me in silvern runes
About the land that is not.
The land where all our wishes become wondrously fulfilled,
The land where all our fetters fall,
The land where we cool our bleeding forehead
In the dew of the moon.
My life was a burning illusion,
But one thing I have found and one thing I have really won - 
The road to the land that is not.

In the land that is not
My beloved walks with a glittering crown.
Who is my beloved? The night is dark
And the stars quiver in reply.
Who is my beloved? What is his name?
The heavens arch higher and higher
And a human child is drowned in the endless fogs
And knows no reply.
But a human child is nothing but certainty.
And it stretches its arms higher than all heavens.
And there comes a reply:
I am the one you love and always shall love. "

Ţara care nu e... - Edith Södergran

"Mi-e dor de ţara care nu e,
tot ce este am ostenit să doresc.
Luna-mi vorbeşte în rune de-argint
despre ţara ce nu-i.
Ţara unde orice dorinţă se-mplineşte ca prin minune,
ţara unde cad orice piedici,
ţara unde ne răcorim sprîncenele noastre rănite
cu rouă lunară.
Viaţa mi-a fost o fierbinte-amăgire.
Dar un lucru tot am găsit, un singur lucru am cîştigat:
drumul spre ţara ce nu e..."

"Edith Irene Södergran (4 April 1892 – 24 June 1923) was a Swedish-speaking Finnish poet. One of the first modernists within Swedish-language literature, her influences came from French Symbolism, German expressionism, and Russian futurism. At the age of 24 she released her first collection of poetry entitled Dikter ("Poems"). Södergran died at the age of 31, having contracted tuberculosis as a teenager. She did not live to experience the world-wide appreciation of her poetry, which has influenced many lyrical poets. Södergran is considered to have been one of the greatest modern Swedish-language poets, and her work continues to influence Swedish-language poetry and musical lyrics, for example, in the works of Mare Kandre, Gunnar Harding, Eva Runefelt and Eva Dahlgren."

"Write it on your heart
that every day is the best day in the year.
He is rich who owns the day, and no one owns the day
who allows it to be invaded with fret and anxiety.
Finish every day and be done with it.
You have done what you could.
Some blunders and absurdities, no doubt crept in.
Forget them as soon as you can, tomorrow is a new day;
begin it well and serenely, with too high a spirit
to be cumbered with your old nonsense.
This new day is too dear,
with its hopes and invitations,
to waste a moment on the yesterdays.*"
*Source Internet: 
By Ralph Waldo Emerson in "Collected Poems and Translations".

Happiness starts with yourself.
Source of quotes above: Power of Positivity; Positive Energy;

Be joyful, amazing and never give up to smile! 
Stunning things are all over! 

Stay positive, today, tomorrow and always! 

Rămâi pozitiv, astăzi, mâine și întotdeauna!
So, very thankful, each and every day, to be inspired...
All is well...

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  1. There is nothing quite like a sunny day with snow! Lovely shots.

    1. You're so right about a sunny day with snow, Fiona!! :) Thank you very much!

  2. Hello Alexa, what a lovely place. The lake is beautiful. I am sure you had many happy memories from there. Beautiful collection of photos. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Indeed, so many happy childhood memories! Thank you very much, Eileen! A Lovely weekend, too!

  3. Beautiful photos! I love your black and white tree - lovely shapes.

  4. O noua postare minunata! Cumva... nostalgica. :) Amintirea bunicii, cred, ma determina sa percep nostalgia - uneori as vrea ca roata Timpului sa se intoarca, macar puţin :) si apoi sa revina la prezent.
    Superbe fotografiile!
    Iti doresc, cu drag, un weekend minunat! <3

    1. Minunata reflectia:"roata Timpului sa se intoarca, macar putin"... dar, cum nimic nu e durabil, se pare, ca ne amagim cu cate o relativa dorinta de a mai "intoarce timpul"... daca ar fi posibil... à la recherche du temps passé, un fel de madeleine à la Proust!! (*-*)
      Multumesc frumos pentru aceste ganduri impartasite, Diana! O duminica frumoasa, in continuare, si o noua saptamana plina de bucurii pentru suflet!

  5. Hello,Alex,
    What beautiful photos. I find it interesting that some people are fishing on the frozen water.
    I like the word, "Silence isn't empty, it's full of answers".Thank you for sharing.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. Hello Tomoko,
      Thank you for your appreciation; in winter, it is possible on the frozen lakes for courageous people to go for fishing in the ice hole, but it is a very interesting winter activity for those with such hobby, I guess.
      Have a great week ahead!

  6. Again a wonderful post with thougthful words (although the translator deosn't show the beauty of the language), silent music to enjoy a winterday in my room...
    Have a nice sunday

    1. You're right, Mascha; the translator doesn't show the beauty of the language, of the message from the essays excerpt. I can only say that it is about passing of time or about the past seen as a shadow. So glad you enjoyed the suave music attached.
      A very lovely sunday and new week, too!

  7. o superbatie! cata pace si liniste! cat frumos!
    nuante de galben si alb in pete, precum acuarelele cu tema hibernala.
    ma surprinde insa ca pe lac nu sunt decat doi pescari c-si incearca norocul la copca :-)
    de cand il avem pe Leo nu am iesit cu patinele, insa la noi, lacurile inghetate sunt invadate de patinatori de toate varstele; cei care nu au patine, joaca Eisstockschiessen, un curling bavarez :-)
    Si la noi in Bayern iarna s-a lasat asteptata - nu am avut Craciun alb insa zapada si frigul au venit imediat dupa revelion. Omatul s-a mentinut pana zilele trecute. Saptamana aceasta a batut vantul puternic si zapada s-a topit, temperaturile s-au mai inmuiat chiar daca nu am simtit... Meteorologii spun ca de luni se va incalzi si nu vom mai avea temperaturi negative, insa aceasta nu inseamna ca iarna a trecut. Zapada poate sa mai vina pe la sfarsitul lunii februarie... hm, vom vedea ;-)
    O saptamana minunata iti doresc! :-*

    1. Asa m-am bucurat de venirea ninsorii, inca din ianuarie, de la Boboteaza... Si zapada s-a mentinut datorita inghetului! Erau cativa la pescuit la copca, altii priveau, temerari... Acasa abia, uitandu-ma la instanturi m-am gandit ca n-am fost niciodata pe un lac inghetat sa pasesc... ;) sigur, ca nu sunt brava. Or sa mai fie alte ocazii, sper, acum, eram doar in trecere cu un anume prilej mai altfel. Dar, ambianta a fost stralucitoare si calduroasa ca soarele ivit. Un cer albastru senin...
      Mi-a facut placere sa imortalizez momentul si in sepia si alb-negru.
      Si la noi, se pare ca vor fi fluctuatii de temperatura; a mai nins recent si o sa mai ninga am inteles de la prognoza si se mentine inca temperatura cu minus. Oh, da sigur iarna nu a trecut, bine zici; e abia in toi. ;)
      Saptamana frumoasa, asemenea, cu drag!

  8. Inca e iarna, pe aici, pe la tine. Ti-au reusit niste poze minunate! Imi place deschiderea lor, parca iti vine sa respiri cu nesat mai mult aer rece si curat! :) Iubitorii de copca par sa fie la datorie. E un sport prea departe de mine, dar ii admir pe cei ce il practica. In aceste momente, chiar mi-e dor sa gandesc in liniste, caci e tare buna linistea curata!
    O saptamana frumoasa si senina, draga Alexa cu realizari dragi tie!

    1. Da, inca iarna, bine! Tocmai ce am urmarit prognoza, azi; iarna continua linistita cu fluctuatii de temperatura, ce-i drept. De doua zile, insa, a nins din nou, linistit. Poate ca saptamana asta se va mai incalzi. Vom vedea, sigur in perioada urmatoare.
      Toate cele frumoase si o saptamana noua senina, asemenea! si cu realizari ar fi grozav, multumesc frumos!!

  9. What a great variety of photos, I love the various colors, textures, and compositions.

  10. such a beautiful winter. And very artistic photos. :) Thanks for sharing.

  11. Beautiful scenery and wonderful photography also, did you convert some to sepia? As always you've included some thought provoking quotes, especially "you think you have forever but you don't".
    Have a great week.

    1. Some are sepia, some b&w and in the collage, except one to depict the real light of the day, the rest is with sepia layer. Thinking of the qoutes added, we have a limited time to deal with... past, present to near future, but not forever, so true...
      Many thanks for your thoughts! A great week ahead, too!

  12. Hi Alexa,

    Your beautiful photos made me think that February should probably look like this all over the world! Isn't so sweet that your walk around the lake brings you back to memories of your beloved grandma?

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,

    1. Hello Poppy,
      I agree with you; this winter came so beautiful with lots of snow... and indeed, this walk brought back old memories from childhood. The good old times with my grandmother!
      Thank you so much and a very wonderful week to you, too!

  13. Alexa, how I love the warmth of Maui, but your winter fotos warm my heart! Your edits are wonderful and this piano tune is a delight to listen to. Thanks so much for stopping by, stay warm and stop back again.

    1. Thank you so very much, Tom! Your lovely pictures of Maui are full of warmth, so sunny! Once again, thank you for the appreciation! A very pleasant day at Foto Tunes!

  14. Looks like you had a good time on a pretty winter lake.

  15. Beautiful photography, beautiful poetry, beautiful place and wonderful tribute to your grandparents ~thank you ~

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

  16. Beautiful first photos! It reminds me of the paintings of Grandma Moses. Especially with the snow in the shadow with an pinkish cast! So much to see here! I love snow - maybe because in California we can only see it is small doses at higher altitudes, even in N. California, where I live now.
    Am seeing you like memes, so I'm inviting you to share your seasonal experience with ALL SEASONS (every week - the link is open from Sunday through Wednesday, and it's about any experience in the season). Here's a direct link (I have Seasons going on at the same time as my weekly post where you commented to). Hope to see you there
    Thanks for your kind words and have a lovely week!

    1. Thank you for so lovely thoughts; so sorry, but I opened a little bit late. Also, I've searched for the art works of this painter. I see why it reminds you of her style, after reading about on Wikipedia that she "painted scenes of rural life from earlier days, which she called "old-timey" New England landscapes." The same time I found various paintings at A very delicate manner of painting, in impressionist style.
      Many thanks for introduce me and letting me know about this interesting artist.
      For sure, I'll join, gladly your All Seasons Meme. Have a lovely day and week, too!

  17. Thank you for visiting my blog! See my comment earlier didn't come the first images, which reminds me on the early American style of paintings. I love inn particular the pinkish cast in the shadows of the snow! And I never can get enough of trees:)
    See you like memes, so am inviting you to ALL SEASONS where you can post any experience during the season (every week from Sunday through Wednesday evening with linking one photo) Hope to see you there! Am sending you a direct link for this week (it goes on at the same time as I do my own weekly post)
    Have a great snowy week!

    1. Thank you so very much, once again. I'll try gladly to join your lovely meme, as much as possible, if it is ok, thinking that I usually have a post just once weekly).
      Best regards and Have a lovely week, too!

  18. Wonderful images, dear Alexa!
    Sepia is not my favourite colour, but you have edited the photos so well that the result is something agelessly beautiful. I could admire these photos all afternoon. :)
    Have a happy week! <3

    1. Thank you so much, Sara! I do believe so; sepia looks so you beautifully said that the result is"agelessly". I think i'll continue the series! Thank you! :)
      A happy week, too!

  19. yeap, fairytale it is. where I live, lakes don't get frozen, so I am enjoying your snow scenes and activities on and around the lake.

    1. Thank you so much Clara! It's lovely to know that you're enjoying these snowy scenes through my pictures!

  20. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post and pics that reminds me of movie Frozen. Coming here for the first time from Skywatch Fridays.

  21. Marvelous post Gosia. Your photos are gorgeous, magical just like a fairytale. I enjoyed the poems. A loving tribute to your grandmother. I see people ice fishing. Our relatives in North Dakota do this.

  22. A beautiful collection of winter scenes Alexa. Stunning scenery, sky and snow. You've made some great edits.
    Also a lovely tribute to your Grandmother too. Thank you for sharing :D

    1. Thank you very much, Neesie! :) Thank you for appreciation! Have a great day!

  23. What a beautiful winter wonderland! I was also attracted by the leafless trees stretching into the sky (where I believe truth exists) or hanging their branches down loose and free. “Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers.” Silence wakes up to listen to the voice of truth, especially in the simple beauty of winter, I think. Thank you for the inspiration. Take care and stay warm.


    1. "Where I believe truth exists"... So lovely said by you! You're so right saying so inspiered that:" Silence wakes up to listen to the voice of truth, especially in the simple beauty of winter, I think." Thank you very much for the philosophy and thoughts shared. I really appreciate, Yoko!
      Thank you, also, for it! Best regards to you; Have a lovely Sunday and new week ahead, too!

  24. Heisann. Fantastic scenery, just like in a fairytale for sure... Have a nice weekend ;:OD)

    1. It was such a nice day and the atmosphere around the lake, inspired me to think that a fairytale image of ideal winter could look like this. Many thanks for your appreciation! A very lovely Sunday, to you!

  25. I love the colors that you highlighted in your photos...just beautiful and the poem. I am very sad for what is going on in my country. The hate and now this president is going to remove many environmental regulations that protect our air and water to help businesses. A small minority voted him in and so many people did not vote and now they see that it is important and a duty for our country....Michelle

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle!! Best regards and lots of positivity to you! Thank you once again!

  26. Winter in your world is so beautiful. Lovely the way you did the photos. I don't do well in cold weather but your post makes me wish I did! It looks magical!


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