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One picture or more... From time to time.(2) A still picture... In November

"Every day is a page of fairytale"...
"Fiecare zi este o pagină de poveste" ...

      But starting from tomorrow, everyone will count, in a big speed, the remained days until Christmas.... till then it's enough time to say:
"Happy Celebration" for: St. Andrew's Day and 
Decembrie 1st, National day.
La multi ani De Sf. Andrei!

From my collection of photo instants. Postcards. Ilustrate.

Arhiva foto privată/ Private photos archive.
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A still picture...
One picture or more... From time to time.
O imagine sau mai multe ... Când și când.
Series of photo instants, 
up-close & collages in color and/or black & white. 
Visions of a Happy Time! November 30, 2015

From Did you know Category/ Știați că*: 
"St. Andrew's Day is the feast day of Saint Andrew. It is celebrated on the 29th or 30th of November.

Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Cyprus, Scotland, Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, San Andres Island, Colombia and Saint Andrew, Barbados.

St. Andrew's Day (Scots: Saunt Andra's Day, Scottish Gaelic: Là Naomh Anndrais) is Scotland's official national day. In 2006, the Scottish Parliament designated St Andrew's Day as an un-official bank holiday. It is also a national holiday in Romania (since 2015).
In Germany, the feast day is celebrated as Andreasnacht ("(St.) Andrew's Night"), in Austria with the custom of Andreasgebet ("(St.) Andrew's Prayer"), and in Poland as Andrzejki ("Andrew's (festivities)"), in Russia as Андреева ночь ("Andrew's night")." 
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 Internet &Wikipedia; media; written e-press.

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Sursa/ source: You tube:
Let It Go (Disney's "Frozen") Vivaldi's Winter - ThePianoGuys

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Stay positive, today, tomorrow and always! 
Rămâi pozitiv, astăzi, mâine și întotdeauna!
So, very thankful, each and every day, to be inspired...
All is well...

5 comentarii:

  1. o superbatie de cer si o melodie care parca acompaniaza dansul norilor... Minunata combinatia ta!
    Trimit gânduri bune, pentru un start bun in luna dcembrie. Am intrat pe ultima suta de metri ai anului... Fericite sa-ti fie taote clipele! Pup :-*

  2. Dragostea de viata in cuvinte, cantec si imagini! :)
    La multi ani, România! La multi ani, Alexa, de ziua României si in general! :)

  3. Excelente aceste imagini si pasarea care-si cauta drumul prin nori!
    Nu stiam videoclipul. Deosebit!
    Zile frumoase in aceasta luna a sarbatorilor!
    La Multi Ani de ziua Romaniei!

  4. Cu multumiri! La multi ani, Carmen! La multi ani, Diana! La multi ani, Suzana! La multi ani, tuturor romanilor de pretutindeni!

  5. Wonderful, I love it when something makes me dream :)
    These sky pictures are so, so beautiful and you have choosen the music so well!!!

    Belated Happy Birthday Romania!!!


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