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One picture or more... From time to time.(1) I saw…

One picture or more... From time to time.
O imagine sau mai multe ... Când și când.

Puiu M in Autumn Light.

Am văzut…

 Frumusețea aninată’n  colț de rai ce acol’ era.
Am privit uimit culoarea și am simțit,
Apoi, căldura ce părea a emana.
M-am grăbit să prind cu gândul, ambientul.
 Cordu-mi se umplea de mireasma plutitoare
A firavelor cochete înșirate împrejur…
M-am grăbit să sorb cu văzul, să adulmec
rând pe rând, mlădioasele , -ncoronate…
 Aliniate ori împrăștiate-n câte-un rond ocol,
Tanțose, de a lor alură de crăiese îmbujorate
Răsfirate-n zeci de tufe… făr’ de soț, parol…
Am văzut…
Și-n minunea înfățisată am rămas făr’ de răspuns.

Am văzut ori ba?
“Frumusețea aninată’n  colț de rai ce acol’ era…”
By Alexa T
Am văzut…   Frumusețea aninată’n  colț de rai ce acol’ era. Am privit uimit culoarea și am simțit, Apoi, căldura ce părea a emana. M-am grăbit să prind cu gândul, ambientul.  Cordu-mi se umplea de mireasma plutitoare A firavelor cochete înșirate împrejur… M-am grăbit să sorb cu văzul, să adulmec rând pe rând, mlădioasele , -ncoronate…  Aliniate ori împrăștiate-n câte-un rond ocol, Tanțose, de a lor alură de crăiese îmbujorate Răsfirate-n zeci de tufe… făr’ de soț, parol… Am văzut… Și-n minunea înfățisată am rămas făr’ de răspuns.  Am văzut ori ba? “Frumusețea aninată’n  colț de rai ce acol’ era…” By Alexa T
Random access memory.
An expression. Random - something that accidentally occurred. Unexpected. Casual or incidental.
All the terms are in dictionaries.
I'll access my memory in a random way through the camera lens, through the captures made from time to time.
Access... memories... flashbacks...
A single pink flower of ipomea or morning glory in autumn.

"I saw…
That  beauty  in a corner of the heaven was; there it was.

Amazed I've looked at the color and I felt right then 
all the heat that seemed to clearly emanate.

I hurried to catch with my thought, the ambient.
My heart was filled with the floating smell 
of those frail and so chic blooms...  
around me aligned so well..." 
I saw…
And in the wonder pictured, I remained with no response.
I've seen or not?
All the beauty that  in a corner of the heaven was; 
And it seemed it was..."

A tentative of translation of the lyrics above. (Mea culpa for the errors possible made.)
By Alexa T
Pink Ipomoea or morning glory. "The generic name is derived from the Greek words ιπς (ips) or ιπος (ipos), meaning "worm" or "bindweed," and όμοιος (homoios), meaning "resembling". It refers to their twining habit. The genus occurs throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, and comprises annual and perennial herbaceous plants, lianas, shrubs and small trees; most of the species are twining climbing plants." "Most species have spectacular, colorful flowers and are often grown as ornamentals, and a number of cultivars have been developed."

Quinces and apples in autumn.

Quinces in autumn.

Arhiva foto privată/ Private photos archive.
Click to see enlarged views.
From Autumn, 2015. 
Series of photo instants, up-close & collages in color and black & white. 
Puiu M.

From Did you know Category/ Știați că*: 

"Flash memory (both NOR and NAND types) was invented by Dr. Fujio Masuoka while working for Toshiba circa 1980. According to Toshiba, the name "flash" was suggested by Masuoka's colleague, Shōji Ariizumi, because the erasure process of the memory contents reminded him of the flash of a camera. Masuoka and colleagues presented the invention at the IEEE 1984 International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) held in San Francisco.

Intel Corporation saw the massive potential of the invention and introduced the first commercial NOR type flash chip in 1988. NOR-based flash has long erase and write times, but provides full address and data buses, allowing random access to any memory location."

Random-access memory (RAM /ræm/) is a form of computer data storage. A random-access memory device allows data items to be accessed (read or written) in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the memory. In contrast, with other direct-access data storage media such as hard disks, CD-RWs, DVD-RWs and the older drum memory, the time required to read and write data items varies significantly depending on their physical locations on the recording medium, due to mechanical limitations such as media rotation speeds and arm movement delays."

Pink Ipomoea or morning glory "The generic name is derived from the Greek words ιπς (ips) or ιπος (ipos), meaning "worm" or "bindweed," and όμοιος (homoios), meaning "resembling". It refers to their twining habit. The genus occurs throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, and comprises annual and perennial herbaceous plants, lianas, shrubs and small trees; most of the species are twining climbing plants." 

"Most morning glory flowers unravel into full bloom in the early morning. The flowers usually start to fade a few hours before the "petals" start showing visible curling. They prefer full solar exposure throughout the day, and mesic soils. In cultivation, most are treated as perennial plants in frost-free areas and as annual plants in colder climates, but some species tolerate winter cold. There are some species which are strictly annual (e.g. I. nil), producing many seeds, and some perennial species (e.g. I. indica) which are propagated by cuttings. Some moonflowers, which flower at night, are also in the morning glory family." 

The quince (/ˈkwɪns/; Cydonia oblonga) is the sole member of the genus Cydonia in the family Rosaceae (which also contains apples and pears, among other fruits). It is a small (...) a pome fruit, similar in appearance to a pear, and bright golden-yellow when mature. Throughout history the cooked fruit has been used as food, but the tree is also grown for its attractive pale pink blossom and other ornamental qualities." "It is native to rocky slopes and woodland margins in South-west Asia, Turkey and Iran although it can be grown successfully at latitudes as far north as Scotland. It should not be confused with its relatives, the Chinese Quince, Pseudocydonia sinensis, or the Flowering Quinces of genus Chaenomeles.

The immature fruit is green with dense grey-white pubescence, most of which rubs off before maturity in late autumn when the fruit changes colour to yellow with hard, strongly perfumed flesh.
The fruit was known to the Akkadians, who called it supurgillu; Arabic سفرجل al safarjal "quinces" (collective plural). The modern name originated in the 14th century as a plural of quoyn, via Old French cooin from Latin cotoneum malum / cydonium malum, ultimately from Greek κυδώνιον μῆλον, kydonion melon "Kydonian apple". The quince tree is native to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan and was introduced to Poland, Syria, Lebanon, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Turkey, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, and Bulgaria."
*More info on Wikipedia.

Sursa/Source: Internet;
From Did you know Category/ Știați că: Internet &Wikipedia.

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Stay positive, today, tomorrow and always! 
Rămâi pozitiv, astăzi, mâine și întotdeauna!
So, very thankful, each and every day, to be inspired...
All is well...

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  1. a doua poza este... super-extra-dulce! Imi vine sa-i pup boticul :)
    Frumoase si zorelele tale! cât despre gutui, imi inchipui ce parfum ai in camera! :)
    Am văzut… frumusețea aninată’n colț de rai si m-a emotionat!
    Un start bun în noua saptamâna, Alexa draga! :-*

    1. drag, multumim de apreciere!! *-* Superrrrrr-extrrrra-dulciiiiiii salutari, asemenea si o saptamana plina si insorita... Multumim de gand, din nou!

  2. I love hte kitties. They are so cute.

  3. I like many different angles of your kitty in the photo and purple flowers, and how lovely to see rich fruits!

  4. Hello, your kitty is adorable. I love the pretty blooms and images. Have a happy day!

  5. E frumos aici pe la tine, cu aroma de gutui si joc de pisicute!
    Sigur ai vazut!
    O seara placuta sa ai!

  6. Lovely post, Alexa!
    Thank you for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.

  7. Lovely post , wonderfull photos cat,greeting frm Belgium

  8. Am apasat g+ si cred ca am uitat sa apas si "publicati" (pentru mesaj)... :(
    Scriesesem despre pisoi si gutui. :) Pisoii sunt intre preferatii mei - dovada sunt si motanii pe care ii avem :) - iar gutuile sunt o legatura cu frumusetea trecutului. Imi place cum miros gutuile si imi place dulceata si mancarea de gutui.
    Zile fericite iti doresc!

    1. Ce frumos spus "legatura cu frumusetea trecutului"..., cu privire la dulceata de gutui pe care o foloseam si inca o mai folosim la clatite!! (in asta s-au si transformat parte din cele de mai sus *_*); iar pisoii, (ai oricui) ii gasesc teribili de dragi! plus ca dragul meu e fabulos de rasfatat, zic eu...
      Zile minunate, asemenea!

  9. Great quote! And so true. And how sweet is your cat, so cute! The flowers are beautifully delicate and the fruit looks yummy. Wishing you a happy day!

  10. Hello, I love your cute kitty images. Great post. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  11. love the up close whisker shot. too cute. hopped over from Eileen's critter party. nice to meet ya. ( :

  12. Yes, happiness is a choice! Adorable cat! I love that you found some pretty flowers on your sunny autumn day... Thank you for linking in... Michelle

  13. A photogenic kitty! I had that same color morning glory at a former house. It bloomed prolifically in that glorious shade.

  14. Hi! Very lovely kitty's photos. I enjoyed your morning glory photos very much. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Beautiful photos, lovely cat and flower images. I love cats, I have a black and white male cat. :) Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada! :)


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