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Timeless (9) Spring in May. Emotion. Celebration. Primăvară in Mai. Emoție. Sărbătoare.

 Random. From all the positive posts that I've read, this week: 

Sunset in May and Japanese Roses or Red Hibiscus!
Balancing. Process. Thinking.
Facing the reality. Daily. Options. 

Between past and present, present and future, new and old. Beautiful and ugliness. 
Up and down.  Pink or grey. Thoughts and facts. Plans and actions. Philosophy.
Where's the line between?
What it will be... Can you reply? Do you always have answers? Alternatives...
A mix of old and new unedited images, various blooms from different days of Spring...from this year and last year... Blossoms just like the Hibiscus red roses for this year and orange, yellow roses and white peonies with bride's white blooms from last year...Choose. Pick one option. But most of all...
 Be optimistic! 
In May: May you be Happy!

"E ziua-n care
Vreau să fiu doar un oarecare,
Să dăruiesc la întâmplare,
Să văd doar fețe zâmbitoare
În jurul meu." ...

"It's the day in witch,
I want to be just anybody,
To offer at random,
Just to see only smiling faces
Around me.....
Excuse me, Do I bothered?
If I've angry , I really do not intend to upset....
I want to ask you one question on:
When you have offered with no reason a flower?

This is for those who still mourn,
That's for the hearts that are broken,
It's for those who can give,
No matter how much they'll take back, 
and for those who don't care of how much shall they collect....

It's the day in witch,
I want to be just anybody,
To offer at random,
Just to see only smiling faces
Around me."

Spring in b&W!


*Sursa/source: Power of Positivity: Every day is a day to shine. Shine On!

From Did you know Category/ Știați că*:
is a genus (Trifolium, Latin, tres "three"+folium "leaf") of about 300 species of plants in the leguminous pea family Fabaceae. The genus has a cosmopolitan distribution; the highest diversity is found in the temperate Northern Hemisphere, but many species also occur in South America and Africa, including at high altitudes on mountains in the tropics. They are small annual, biennial, or short-lived perennial herbaceous plants. The leaves are trifoliate (rarely quatrefoiled, cinquefoil, or septfoil), with stipules adnate to the leaf-stalk, and heads or dense spikes of small red, purple, white, or yellow flowers; the small, few-seeded pods are enclosed in the calyx. Other closely related genera often called clovers include Melilotus (sweet clover) and Medicago (alfalfa or 'cavalry clover').

Clovers occasionally have leaves with four leaflets, instead of the usual three. These four-leaf clovers, like other rarities, are considered lucky.Symbolism:
..."Clovers occasionally have leaves with four leaflets, instead of the usual three. These four-leaf clovers, like other rarities, are considered lucky. Clovers can also have five, six, or more leaves, but these are rarer. The record for most leaves is 56, set on 10 May 2009. This beat the 21-leaf clover, a record set in June 2008 by the same man, who had also held the prior Guinness World Record of 18.
A common idiom is "to be (live) in clover", meaning to live a carefree life of ease, comfort, or prosperity. 
This originally referred to the fact that clover is fattening to cattle."

"Trifoiul (Trifolium) este un gen de aproximativ 300 de specii de plante din familia leguminoaselor, Fabaceae. Cea mai mare diversitate apare în zonele temperate din emisfera nordică, dar există specii care trăiesc și în America de Sud și Africa, incluzând altitudinile înalte de la tropice. Sunt plante erbacee mici anuale, bienale sau plante perene cu viață scurtă. Frunzele sunt trifoliate (rareori 5- sau 7-foliate), cu stipelele adnate pe pețioluri, iar florile sunt grupate în inflorescențe mici albe, roșii, violet sau galbene; păstăile mici, cu puține semințe, sunt închise în caliciu. Alte genuri, denumite uneori trifoisunt Melilotus (sulfină) și Medicago (culbeceasă). Numele științific este derivat din limba latină tres, "trei" și folium, "frunză"...."

"Trifoiul este simbolul tradițional irlandez, fiind adoptat de Sfântul Patriciu pentru Sfânta Treime.
Trifoiurile au ocazional patru foliole în loc de trei. Aceste trifoiuri cu patru foi, precum alte rarități, sunt considerate norocoase. Trifoiul poate avea și cinci, șase sau chiar mai multe foliole, dar aceste cazuri sunt și mai rare. Recordul mondial, conform Guinness, este 18." 
* Click to read for more info on: Wikipedia
Flori de trifoi roşu (Trifolium pratense); A common idiom is "to be (live) in clover", meaning to live a carefree life of ease, comfort, or prosperity.
Flori de trifoi roşu (Trifolium pratense) 
"A common idiom is "to be (live) in clover",
 meaning to live a carefree life of ease, comfort, or prosperity."
Arhiva foto privată/ Private photos archive.
Click to see enlarged views.
From the Spring of April-May, 2015. Springtime aspects. 
Series of photo instants, up-close & collages in color and black & white. 
Visions of a Happy Springtime! 
©Alexa T&GândCălă


*Sursa/source: Power of Positivity:Every day is a day to shine. Shine On!

Nb.Sursa/source of video/info/lyrics/ From Did you know Category/ Știați că: 
*Sursa/Source: You Tube 
*More to read on Wikipedia & internet

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Stay positive, today, tomorrow and always! 
Rămâi pozitiv, astăzi, mâine și întotdeauna!
So, very thankful, each and every day, to be inspired...

37 de comentarii:

  1. superba cana ta cu trifoi! atât de simpla si pura...
    dar si hibiscusul ala rosu înfoiat si creponat si bujorii, si trandafirii si pisica ta! :)) Frumoasa este si papadia aceea ce sta sa explodeze si cerul învolburat la apus. Excelente momente prezentate în mozaic vesel si armonios.
    O saptamâna placuta sa ai în continuare! pup :-*

    1. Primavara - predispune la tot felul de "exuberante creative", mai ales ca este una in continua schimbare, si la propriu si la figurat... si,astfel, incerc sa le mixez in mozaicuri, intr-un fel de mix intre nou si vechi cadre!!
      Zilele acestea, intr-adevar, Hibiscul japonez a inflorit excelent si nu s-a scuturat...cum obisnuia sa-mi faca in ciuda, neapucand decat sa vad bobocii, nu si inflorescentele minunate...
      Asemenea, o saptamana plina de bucurii si dinamism, cu multumiri pentru aprecieri!! *_*
      Cu drag :) si calde salutari!!

  2. Lovely shots of May beauty! And you're right: our time here on Earth is brief, so we should be kind to each other.

    1. Indeed, our time is to brief...Kindness is what we really need!!! Love so much, these thoughts expressed by you and I'm thankful for this! Warm greetings and a good week ahead!

  3. Beautiful collection of images and lovely thoughts! Have a happy day!

  4. A great collection, the stump would make a wonderful planter. Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. Thank you for appreciation, Tom! Indeed, there is a small tree, inside of it! A great weekend!

  5. Oh, how lovely to see all the flowers.

  6. Spring is such a colorful season and the anticipation is quite exciting. Love your photos. I'd plant a vine around the stump :)

    1. Great idea! now is a tree inside... But who knows?... One day it can be possible to see, also, some vine around the stump...:)

  7. That tree stump is quite lovely, with its different shapes and textures.

    1. And once ago it was such a lovely tree... Indeed, lovely to be seen like in your description...

  8. Wonderful flowers! I love the old tree stump. Have a happy weekend!

  9. I really love the red-orange flowers! And I agree that happiness is an inside job. ;)

  10. Beautiful thoughts....I love that old tree stump too!

  11. What a beautiful series Alexa!!! Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥

    1. Always with pleasure and thankful for the amazing place of up close at I Heart Macro ♥!! Have a great and sunny week of May! *_*

  12. I enjoyed all the random positive thoughts at the start of this post. Yes, life is too short to waste it without kindness and happiness. A smile to someone can bring sunshine to their day.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Alexa.

    1. So thankful for these words, Judith!! I agree... we must have kindness and happiness in our lives and to share them at our time... So glad to to have an amazing place to meet at Mosaic Monday, too! A great week of May for you!

  13. Nice pictures with these exquisite spring flowers, a delight of roses! Beautiful !!

  14. joyeux printemps, avec plein de bonnes résolutions et de messages positifs
    Amitiés de Cerbère, Languedoc-Roussillon

  15. Your wonderful posts always make me smile, Alexa!!! It's a pleasure for my heart and my soul to read your positiv, deliberated, informativ and warm words!!! It's good to know there are people like you in this world!!!

    1. You're too kind of saying these wonderful words... Many thanks for your appreciation and I hope that I'll do my best to always find something to bring smile and be a positive thing, too! So thankful for it!
      Warm greetings of Spring for you!

  16. Another great post, Alexa. Clovers are such homely but beautiful flowers - and some smell wonderful as well.
    Many thanks for linking up with Floral Friday Fotos, I look forward to your next contribution!

    1. Always with pleasure and thankful for your "Floral Friday Fotos", where it can be found such a place connected to nature through the posts dedicated. Many thanks for appreciation and a good weekend of May!


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