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Timeless (1) A monument at one moment in time... Un monument la un moment dat.

"Medical Heroes Monument, the work of Italian sculptor Raffaello Romanelli, lies in Opera Square in Bucharest, at the intersection of Independence Splaiul Medical Heroes Boulevard, near the National Opera and the Faculty of Medicine. The monument is placed at position no. 2284, with code B-III-mB-19955 in the list of historical monuments, updated by Ministry of Culture, nr.2314 / 8 July 2004.  Medical Heroes Monument was erected in 1932, during the term of the mayor of Bucharest Dem. I. Dobrescu and is dedicated to the memory of physicians, health voluntary sisters who saved lives on the fronts of World War." Read more info on Wikipedia

Reflection on the water surface of Dambovita River. Reflecția pe suprafața apei râului Dâmbovița.

Monumentul Eroilor Sanitari. Medical Heroes Monument. 1932.

"Monumentul Eroilor Sanitari, operă a sculptorului italian Raffaello Romanelli, se află în Piața Operei din București, la intersecția Splaiului Independenței cu Bulevardul Eroilor Sanitari, în vecinătatea Operei Naționale și a Facultății de Medicină. Monumentul este înscris la poziția nr. 2284, cu codul B-III-m-B-19955, în Lista monumentelor istorice, actualizată prin Ordinul ministrului Culturii și Cultelor, nr.2314/8 iulie 2004.   Monumentul Eroilor Sanitari a fost înălțat în anul 1932, în timpul mandatului primarului Bucureștiului Dem. I. Dobrescu și este închinat memoriei medicilor, sanitarilor, surorilor voluntare care au salvat vieți pe fronturile Primului Război Mondial." Read more on Wikipedia
Monumentul Eroilor Sanitari. Medical Heroes Monument. 1932.
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A monument at one moment in time... Un monument la un moment dat.

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Definitions of timeless*
adjective: not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.
"antiques add to the timeless atmosphere"
synonyms: lasting, enduring, classic, ageless, permanent, perennial, abiding, unfailing, unchanging, unvarying, never-changing, changeless, unfading, unending, undying, immortal, eternal, everlasting, immutable

Translations of timeless
nesfârşit: ageless, endless, infinite, unending, timeless, never-ending, interminable

                                                     *Source/credit of info on linguistic terms (above): Internet.

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  1. A great contribution, well done!
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  2. Hi! Both B & W and natural color photos are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is a strange monument... As the different part look alike, it feel like the statue down of the first picture has actually raised on the last one... Like if the statue is alive... Very intriguing !

    Great reflection on the river, too.

    1. Your observation is terrific, indeed! From a technical reason, I presume that something occurred while the collage was done! thank you!

  4. Parca te vad concentrata asupra monumentului!L-ai pozat din toate partile.Mereu ma gandesc ,cat de constiincioasa esti.Frumos! Noapte buna!

  5. What a beautiful monument! Beautiful sky and reflections.. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.. Have a happy Monday!

  6. An impressive memorial to the men and women of the medical fields and nice to see them honoured.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Alexa.


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