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Celebrare. Celebration

   sursa/source: lessonslearnedinlife.com

My blog started in 10.01.2013 with a short essay titled: Rezoluţii, gânduri, drumuri...Resolutions, thoughts, roads ...
Now at two years of blogging I must say that my favorite essay is not already written. It will appear, for sure, when I'll find a good subject, a theme or a good photo shot, an interesting idea or who knows? Inspiration... creativity... something in between!
But still...if I could choose one or two essays or even five for an ideal list, then... Let's see... it could it be like this:
(see the list below)

Blogul meu a început în 10.01.2013, cu un scurt eseu intitulat: "Rezoluţii, gânduri, drumuri..."
Iar, acum la doi ani de blogging trebuie să spun că eseul meu favorit nu este încă scris. Acesta va apărea sigur când voi găsi un subiect bun, o temă bună sau un instant photo bun, o idee interesantă sau cine știe?
Inspirația ... creativitatea ... ceva între!
Dar totuși ... dacă aș putea alege unul sau două eseuri sau chiar cinci pentru o listă ideală, atunci ... Să vedem ... asta ar putea fi ca aceasta de mai jos:

1. Din categoria "Lumea noastră/ From the category "Our world":
Ilustrate din vacanță. Summer holiday. Greetings

2. Din categoria de "Călătorii ale sufletului"/ From the category of travels of soul: Drumuri de suflet (II): Mânăstirea Hurezi.

3. Din categoria "Nature Notes"/ From the category Nature Notes: Simphony for... old trees, branches and leaves.

4. Din categoria "Instant photo"/ From the category of instant photo: If it's tuesday (II)... Forecast for today...or "April" signs "in my yard"!!!"...  "

5. Din categoria "Rețete culinare"/ From the category "Culinary Recipes":
"Coq au vin" - variations sau despre tocăniţă de pui cu vin în trei acte

Arhiva foto privată/ Private photo archive.
Click to see an enlarged view.

Mai jos: este o listă a posturilor cele mai citite în doi ani de blogging în conformitate cu tabelul statistic.
Below: it's a list of the most read posts in two years of blogging according to the statistic table (provided by a search).

Postările cele mai citite în doi ani de blogging/Most read posts in two years of blogging:

Definitions of celebration
the action of marking one's pleasure at an important event or
 occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity.

ex: "the birth of his son could be a cause for celebration"
commemoration, observance, marking, keeping

Translations of celebration
celebrare: celebration, solemnity, ceremony
sărbătorire: celebration, feast, rejoicings
comemorare: commemoration, celebration
prăznuire: celebration
serbare: celebration, feast, festivity, fete, festival
serviciu divin: church service, liturgy, celebration, office, service
slujbă: service, work, employ, employment, post, celebration

Source/credit of info on linguistic terms (above): Internet.
Source/credit of video (above): Internet.
... I'm thinking... My thought is as a sort of traveller spirit. With a very earthy soul... and an infinite affection for all that's humane (I acknowledge so)... I guess... that I'm really blessed... For the chance to smile, to feel, to live Among the critters, small or big... among those passing seasons by...  Among the feelings, yours or mine, among the battles of the cruel time... time that had never stopped since.. and just because... All the nature is on my part!  I have no time to have a rest... I'm not so sure if you'll read a word... I have no time to rest myself a bit!  I guess... that I'm really blessed... Among the trees, colors and good vibes, among the feelings,  yours or mine... Life's ironic... on the road. You may stumble, even fall...  Just keep your faith, the love and hope and all the memories for inner soul. It's what you'll hear...  All the nature is on your part!  Feel the light, the sunny rays, the shining stars, love the moon, embrace the infinite blue skies... Say "cheese" while looking to the golden sun, and smile at sunset, with no tears in eyes, to replace the hidden scars... Send me joy, share my lucky star... Just respiro... Always play with a brave heart!... And think of that: All the nature is on our side... We're really blessed. That's all. I guess..." Written by Alexa T
And just because
   sursa/source: lessonslearnedinlife.com
sursa/source: lessonslearnedinlife.com
 Stay positive, today, tomorrow and always! 
Rămâi pozitiv, astăzi, mâine și întotdeauna!

So, very thankful, each and every day, to be inspired...

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