luni, 1 decembrie 2014

A mix of thoughts in december. Amalgam de gânduri. Decembrie

Zona Betfia, intre Cordau si Baile Felix. At Betfia Area, near Cordau Village and Baile Felix Balnear Resort.Postcard from holiday at Betfia near Felix/ Ilustrata din vacanța. zona  Betfia  (Pictures from summer holiday spent in Bihor County:  June 25 - july 11, 2014)

1 decembrie. Ziua Națională a României (română: Ziua Marii Uniri, de asemenea, este denumită Ziua Unirii este sărbătoarea națională a României de 1 decembrie. Great Union Day (Romanian: Ziua Marii Uniri, also called Unification Day occurring on December 1, is the national holiday of Romania.

Deliciu in dar de Sf. Andrei. Clătite cu dulceată ca la mama acasă. Sweet delice in St. Andrew's Day Celebration. Homemade pancakes filled with sweet jam of plums.

Arhiva foto privată/ Private photos archive.
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1decembrie 2014 - Ziua Naţională a României (Romanian National Day)
Wordless: Images from Summer Holiday in july, 
St. Andrew Day Celebration, 
December 1st .

From Did You Know Category:

An interesting article that I've read, in november. I've chosen an excerpt from it and if you're interesting just click, below, to read about "writing " and to discover more info:

"But what is it about writing that calms the mind and helps us heal emotionally?

There are no solid answers but there’s plenty of research showing the human mind needs meaning — a story to make sense of what has happened.

Only then can it rest. Writing forces you to organize your thoughts into a coherent structure. It helps you make sense of life."
"Switch perspectives. Those who benefit the most can see the event through other people’s eyes."*

What do you think about? It makes sense to you?

Definitions of amalgam*
a mixture or blend.
"a curious amalgam of the traditional and the modern"

Translations of amalgam

noun/substantiv: amalgam
amalgam: blend, congeries
adunătură: mishmash, gathering, amalgam, heap, hotchpotch, hodge-podge

*Sursa/Source of excerpts/info: Time/internet.

Stay positive, today, tomorrow and always! 
Rămâi pozitiv, astăzi, mâine și întotdeauna!

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19 comentarii:

  1. zile cu soare, zapada, muzica de suflet, clatite si pisicute dragalase... un mozaic superb ne-ai prezentat!
    Un start bun în luna decembrie îti doresc! :-*

  2. Greetings from Dubai! Really enjoyed going through your blog. Have a great week ahead! Will be back soon...


  3. Each of your collages is special for template and content Alexa. Amalgam is not a word I was familiar with and must remember it when playing Scrabble some time.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday and a happy national day to you.

  4. A very interesting statement about writing. I taught writing at a small university for 18 years, so I know this statement to be true as students who wrote from their hearts often were able to resolve conflicts that they struggled with for some time. Writing does help us heal. I am glad that you reminded us of that.

  5. Beautiful cloudy summer skies. I hope you had a wonderful National Day. We celebrate ours on Saturday.

  6. The light you've captured is lovely.

  7. Love the quote of the present, so true! And the first photo collage with the beautiful skies... Thank you for sharing with us at OBW!

  8. Thank you for including the link to the article about writing, Alexa! It's a very interesting read...and helpful too!

  9. Esti o enciclopedie pe o pagina.Nu ma ispiti cu clatitele.A nins si la noi destul.Te pup!

  10. Very intriguing, all of it, from your beautiful landscape to the interesting philosophy about writing. I know that when I write, I feel both creatively charged and emotionally cleansed.

    Thanks for sharing and happy December, Alexa!


  11. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos with OBW, Alexa

  12. Nice article, enjoyed visiting your blog, best regard from Belgium

  13. I agree with the article as I think writing helps us to think about our feelings and to deal with them better especially if there has been some type of trauma..I also like this quote you used "Those who benefit the most can see the event through other people’s eyes."*. And I enjoyed your photo collages and the great thought you put into it...Michelle

  14. La multi ani de Sf. Nicolae! sper ca ai fost cuminte si ai ghetele pline cu dulciuri! ☺

  15. Great quote! And super shots from the sky! Thank your for sharing all your photos with us at "OBW"

  16. Buna dimineata la Mos Ajun!
    Sarbatori fericite, sanatate si numai bucurii!


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