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"Walking away"... sau impresii de departe în brumar?

Fond memories from the summer vacation!

Yes... too many photos were made (guess who's to blame for it) and... some of them (I must say it) seems to be so interesting (just because of the details captured), some are so funny, (some of them quite) so sensitive, so finally.... what can I say?

It's november already and I'm still sorting through vacation photos from a while, creating chapters (to simplify for the moment when I'll look for a specific detail, like place or time or whatever) and...

Finally (concluding): I have fond memories of these... photo instants captured by camera lens!!

Amintiri plăcute din vacanța de vară!

Da ... au fost făcute prea multe fotografii (ghici cine e de vină pentru asta) și ... unele dintre ele (trebuie să o spun) par atât de interesante (din cauza detaliilor capturate), unele sunt atât de amuzante, (unele dintre ele ) atât de sensibile, deci .... ce pot să spun?

E noiembrie deja și eu sunt încă la capitolul sortare,  printre fotografiile de vacantă, de ceva timp, creând capitole (pentru a simplifica în cazul în care voi căuta un detaliu specific, cum ar fi ceva legat de loc sau de timp sau orice altceva) și ...

În cele din urmă (ca o concluzie): Am amintiri plăcute legate de aceste momente ... foto instanturi capturate de lentilele camerei!!


Da ... au fost făcute prea multe fotografii (ghici cine e de vină pentru asta) și ... unele dintre ele (trebuie să o spun) par atât de interesante (din cauza detaliilor capturate), unele sunt atât de amuzante, (unele dintre ele ) atât de sensibile, deci .... ce pot să spun?

Roads through memories.
Something about the travelling way:
Along the northwest part of the country on the railways, "a trip road" (like I called it...lol) into the "schlafwagen" for almost 13 hours ... how it sounds?! quite unbelievable... (but it's not yet the time to tell you more about this "too pricey" kind of traveling ... on "the iron wheels" with the pleasant melody sound as background, but ... a little too annoying or stressing the tiredness for the so long time spent on the way... 13 hours of train travel - just imagine this!!)
So... these are sensitive instants about I was talking above...

Places where I've been and what I saw, (from a blink of an eye), 
and about of what I'm hoping to have time (soon enough)  to create some pleasant posts.

Locuri unde am fost și ce am văzut, (intr-o clipire de ochi) 
și despre ceea ce am speranța de a găsi timp (destul de repede) pentru a realiza posturi plăcute...

From a blink of eye - Along the northwest part of the country on the railways, "a trip road".
  • Oradea, județul Bihor (main city of Bihor county - below)
Oradea (main city of Bihor county)
  • Băile Felix (the balnear resort & the natural reserve of water lilies
Băile Felix (the balnear resort)
                  The natural reserve of water lilies in a mosaic. A pink water lily in macro (below).

The natural reserve of water lilies

The natural reserve of water lilies in a mosaic. A pink water lily in macro.

  • Satul Cordău - localitate în județul Bihor, Transilvania, România / Cordău village in Bihor County.
Satul Cordău "localitate în județul Bihor, Transilvania, România" / Cordău village in Bihor County.
  • Băile 1 Mai, județul Bihor (Balnear resort). Below : The old Casino (historic monument)
"Cazinoul din 1 Mai, monument istoric."  Băile 1 Mai (balnear resort).
  • Nature reserve at Pârâul Pețea situated in 1 Mai Balnear Resort./ Aria naturală protejată Pârâul Pețea 
Nature reserve at Pârâul Pețea/ Aria naturală protejată Pârâul Pețea (Lacul geo-termal cu flora datând încă din terțiar).
  • Zona Betfia, județul Bihor; (Vedere dinspre Avenul Betfia sau Huda Bradii)
Zona Betfia ( Avenul Betfia sau Huda Bradii este situat în versantul de sud-vest al Dealului Şomleu - 346 m; " sat în comuna Sînmartin, județul Bihor, România. Învecinat cu Băile Felix." wikipedia)

Betfia Area, Bihor county - Rural view. Countryside panorama (above) and view in b&w (below).

Zona Betfia  Rural view. countryside panorama in b&w.

  • Budapesta & Dunărea/ Budapest & Danube/ Hungary. View of Danube in Budapest with the Royal Palace on the left side and the Old Bridge over Danube waters. 
  • At 250km far from Oradea.
Danube in Budapest & Royal Palace on the left side with the Old Bridge over Danube waters. Salutări/ Greetings. . At 250km far from Oradea.

Arhiva foto privată/ Private photos archive.
Click to see enlarged views.

Definitions of road*
a wide way leading from one place to another, especially one with a specially prepared surface that vehicles can use.
"New roads were constructed ..."

street, lane, avenue, boulevard, freeway, highway, parkway, thoroughfare, thruway, turnpike.
A series of events or a course of action that will lead to a particular outcome.
"he's well on the road to recovery"

*from Did you Know Category. Source: internet

“When faced with senseless drama, spiteful criticisms and misguided opinions, walking away is the best way to stand up for yourself. To respond with anger is an endorsement of their attitude.”    "Atunci când te confrunti cu o dramă absurdă, critici dușmănoase și opinii greșite, indepartarea este cel mai bun mod de a te manifesta. A răspunde cu furie este o aprobare a atitudinii lor. " Dodinsky

**Sursa/Source: lessonslernedinlife.com
Stay positive, today, tomorrow and always! 
Rămâi pozitiv, astăzi, mâine și întotdeauna!

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  1. Frumoasa postare.Langa Baile Herculane, cred ca irlandezii ar fi facut si aeroport.

    1. Ne-a luat "ceva timp" sa ajungem, dar tot pe calea ferata as fi ajuns, chiar daca ar fi existat aeroport pe dealurile din imprejurimi... Vis-a vis de Herculane?!! super simpatica reflectia... Un weekend placut, Robert!

  2. Love the Water Lilies and their reflection in the pond. Also the 2 reflection s in the wing mirrors. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. I love the water lilies, too! Thank you, Margaret and a wonderful weekend, as well!

  3. Thanks for the dicovery of your beautiful country... It is always a pleasure to visit place just by blogging without living home...

    1. I'm so glad to know that you've enjoyed seeing these sights shown!! Thank you so much, Tsuki! I'll try, soon, to post more...

  4. Those roads have the most lovely veiws!

    1. And maybe I'm subjective, but I'm deeply agree!! Till next time when i'll do more pics, thank you so much, Fi!!

  5. Very nice reflection in your black and white photo.

  6. Parca la tine sunt mai frumoase imaginile ,vazute impreuna. Te pup,

    1. Se poate... sunt la fel!! doar le-am vazut impreuna, Florina...doar, departarea asta, legata de timp mai ales, ne face sa credem ca le vedem mai altfel... Las' ca vom mai merge si sa vezi atunci, instantanee.... Salutari cu drag!

  7. Beautiful photos! I love the waterlilies and the sheep.

  8. Such a lovely collection, Thanks. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  9. So many gorgeous shots. I'm like you, sorting through vacation pictures from July all the way into November; remembering the ones that got away because we whizzed by too fast; wishing many of the "on the fly" shots had turned out better (if we'd only been able to stop!) and embracing the ones I adore that turned out so much better than I could have imagined!

  10. Beautiful place. I would like to visit it sometime.

  11. Hello Alexa
    A nice collection of photos and collages. My favourite is the pink water lilies.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  12. I love tp travel and see new sights and learn new things. I am always up for adventure. It looks like your travels took you to beautiful and interesting places. I love the colorful water lilies and sheep herd.

  13. Hi! Nice captures. Your photos are very beautiful. I like these old city photos. I like water lily photos too. Thanks for sharing.

  14. These are some great scenes and quotes. The sheep by the side of the road are just awesome.

  15. You had some wonderful travels and those water lily pictures are gorgeous.

  16. I agree. I also love to visit another country with a blog visit. I enjoyed the photos very much and I especially enjoy your using "road" as I have always called my blog tag.. "The Road Less Traveled".. My cancer was my road detour. I understand your reference... Michelle from Nature Notes..

  17. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful photos and thanks for your kind comments on my blog

  18. you've been to sooo many places...and they are beautifully captured as well...cheers from us, Indonesians here in NYC...


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