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Imaginary. Imaginativ

"But only if...
this emptiness of life will no longer be..." 

"But only if... that emptiness of life will no longer be..." At sunset.  Felix - Bihor County

"But only if... that emptiness of life will no longer be..." At sunset.  Felix - Bihor County

At sunset.  Felix - Bihor County

Imaginary tale. By Alexa T

If one day you'll see me,
right in the middle of the street,
then just keep the rhythm
of your subtle and stumbled walk.

And pretend that we're surrounded

by thousands of souls
speaking loud with
harsh voices.

Stunned and amazed,

by the strange view,
gently raise your pale hand,
waving slowly.

Like sitting in a busy station,

where the last bus,
passed along, filled with
emptiness in mind.

And If, one day,

I'll see you,
I'll surely pretend
that we're surrounded,
by an noisy crowd of souls,
in the middle of the freeze of fall.

Then, gently, to spread away,

I'll wave my livid hand,
and I'll catch the rumour buzz
of the agitated street
to liberate the sound
of inner calm...

But only if...

that emptiness of life will no longer be...

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Definitions of imaginary

existing only in the imagination.
"He had imaginary conversations with her"
unreal, nonexistent, fictional, fictitious, pretend, make-believe, 
mythical, mythological, fabulous, fanciful, storybook, fantastic, 
made-up, dreamed-up, invented, concocted, fancied, 
illusory, illusive, a figment of one's imagination, visionary;
(of a number or quantity) expressed in terms of the square root of a negative number 
(usually the square root of -1, represented by i or j ).
"What was most perplexing was that in using these subtle and imaginary numbers it was possible to solve cubic equations."
See also

imaginary part, imaginary number, imaginary line, imaginary enemy

Translations of imaginary
imaginarimaginary, fancied, fanciful, visional, visionary, notional
închipuitimaginary, fancied, fictitious, unreal, false, ideal
irealunreal, fabled, imaginary, fabulous, fanciful, aeriform
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Stay positive, today, tomorrow and always! 
Rămâi pozitiv, astăzi, mâine și întotdeauna!

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20 de comentarii:

  1. Beautiful serie of photos.
    I do like your b&w shots!
    My post at: http://hanshb.wordpress.com/

  2. beautiful light in your skies and the road marked bythe colours of two chickens suggests country peace and no business of traffric. Lovely photos.

    1. The way that it can be described this rural image with domestic birds on the street is so lovely, indeed, Gemma!! So peaceful and far from noise of the city...Thank you kindly for appreciation!

  3. superbe imagini! Minunat apusul de soare, frumoase gainutele de la marginea drumului :) Cocosul le pazeste tantos! Ele sunt "gaini fericite" si ouale pe care le ofera sunt din cele bio! ;)
    Rascrucea de drumuri simbolizeaza ceva anume sau este doar un motiv artistic pentru prima fotografie, aici?
    te pup. Noapte buna! :-*

    1. Funny face, dar asa cred si eu ca erau "gaini fericite" pe langa un cocos tantos si intr-un mediu bio...lol too funny!! In ciuda "raspantiilor" a fost un an bun, de altfel un an fff bun....cu mana pe inima zic, desi am parcurs un drum de vreo 600 km in 13 ore, ( anul asta pare-se ca tot contorizez distante lol!!)... :-*
      Numai de bine, Carmen sa auzim si o saptamana insorita iti doresc!

  4. Frumoasa serie si de data aceasta.
    O saptamana buna iti doresc!

  5. Great photos, I love finding wildlife and animals out enjoying themselves.

  6. I love the photos and the creative way you write your posts... Michelle

    1. Michelle, thank you so much for it and hope that you're fine with the very difficult weather, in there!

  7. Eine sehr schöne Fotoserie....super Landschaft...
    Liebe Grüße, Karin

  8. am citit pe un alt blog ca ieri afost cutremur in Vrancea... Of Doamne! De cutremure sunt scutita de 14 ani de când locuiesc în Germania unde teoretic nu exista acest pericol, însa am amintirea catastrofei din 77 (in Sibiu,departe de epicentru) si cutremurele de amplitudine redusa care s-au produs pâna în 2000.
    Recunosc ca tare greu m-am adaptat la noua situatie :) Lucrez intr-o cladire veche situata pe bulevardul principal al orasului, la un etaj superior. De câte ori frâneaza brusc tramvaiul sau o masina de tonaj, podelele vibreaza si eu, am fost multi ani in astrfel de momente pe cunctul de a o zbughi pe usa, crezand ca e cutremur. Cum insa colegii isi vedeau impasibili mai departe de treburi, respiram adanc si incercam sa-mi revin din spaima si sa nu arat nimanui starea prin care trec. Nu m-ar fi inteles nimeni... ei nu stiu ce inseamna cutremur! In 77 eram în clasa a sasea... amintirea imi este profunda, m-a marcat pe viata.
    O duminica placuta îti doresc!

    1. Speram ca va fi bine! Spuneau la stiri, pana acum, de vreo 20 de replici... Langa epicentru trebuie sa fi fost teribil! Buna vorba: "respiram adanc" si speram ca va fi bine! (m-a ingrijorat putintel, reteaua mobila n-a mai functionat, pret de cateva clipe...)
      O saptamana buna si o seara de duminica placuta, asemenea!


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