duminică, 7 septembrie 2014

A mix of thoughts at summer end.... or at beginning of autumn?!...


…”curge timpul prin înalturi,
 astru poartă lângă astru, 
răzbunându-mă-n albastru. 
VISUL, aur prins în palme, 
Ca nisipurile-n ape, 
Trebuie să-l las, să-mi scape.” 
Luntrea lui Caron – Lucian Blaga

Ce-i amintirea? Cum te poţi raporta la ea? Subiect, obiect? O clipă spre eternitate…
What is memory? How can you relate to it? (as a rapport) 
Subject, object? A moment for eternity ...

"printre fire moi -
funigel plăpând zboară
scară spre lună"*

"among soft yarns - 

funigel*** frail flying 

scale to the moon" **

    *So thankful and so much inspired by these amazing lyrics
 written by my sister Rox at "Călător prin țara mea"

** Sorry for possible english grammar mistakes/errors...

*** funigel/ Romanian

From Latin root *funicellus, diminutive of fūnis.

funigel m (plural funigei)

gossamer (strand of cobweb floating in the air)

Arhiva foto privată/ Private photos archive.
Click to see enlarged views.
Details captured from a short summer walk, 2014.

sursa/source: Inspirational Picture Quotes...
sursa/source: Inspirational Picture Quotes...
 A mix of thoughts at summer end.... or at beginning of autumn?!...
              A mix of words and images like in a simple play without an evident relation between.
Have a great autumn!

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  1. frumos mix! imi plac fotografiile tale, atât temele alese si compozitia, cât mai ales metoda de scoatere in evidenta a unui anumit detalui, prin culoare si tehnica alb-negru :) Minunate versurile alese... Un început minunat de toamna iti doresc, Alexa draga!

  2. A lovely word and image post to reflect on memories, beginnings and endings.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Alexa.

  3. The photos that include the iron fence scroll work are lovely and you've done a great job on the mosaic, too. Seasons are very tied to memory, I think.

  4. The leafy vines and the pretty, petite petals peeking through the strong, wrought iron fence are beautiful, Alexa.

    Have a wonderful week!


  5. Awesome photos! I do like that building a lot. Your edits are quite pleasing, too.

  6. Very nice sentiment. I enjoyed reading your post. The fence is beautiful (and fun mosaic). Have a nice week.

  7. Terrific framings. I like how you played with SC in these.

  8. Hi! Your photos are very beautiful and nice texture too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Beautiful lyrics with those lovely images especially the ironwork.

  10. So many memories wonderfully captured by your camera lens.

  11. I love the black and white with the color of the flower highlighted... Lovely composition to your entire post.. Michelle from Nature Notes..

  12. Beautiful photograph memories, thoughts, lyrics and quotes Alexa! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)


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