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Ilustrate din vacanță/ Postcards from summer holiday. Greetings (II)

   As I already said, In the previous post,  I'll start a serie of "postcards" in images that will permit you to have a short look at the special beauty of an amazing place for my heart (since my childhood)...    

     A mix of thoughts...

           Let me ask you a question: How can we bring back a part from our jolly past?!...

... with the aid of a sensitive and dear memory that it will always be well kept in a corner of our soul? right?...
Back in the years of childhood at Felix via images captured in photo instants.

  ... It can be possible to bring back that time?... for instance: the remembrance of those funny times that we've spent in childhood?

      Can we hold still alive one part or more from our past even with all those aspects, good or bad, happy or sad, beautiful or ugly?!... or it is useless?...

       In some moments I have to say that when I'm seeing some people, places or things, I really can't stop to ask myself about time... about what  we always called it: as life/existence and that, unfortunately,  it goes so quickly ...

In order to find out answers:

I discover that it takes so much energy to have the strength to manage all the effects brought at surface by this process of looking back to passing years after years ...

So...one more question: can we keep only the good... from what we've lived? Of course, you'll say... there will be a nonsense... good without bad?!...

For every aspect in life there is an opposite: beauty-ugliness, well-bad, new-old...so on and on... categories of philosophical questions about existence and self knowledge...

But still... for instance: let's say that we're in the middle of a holiday trip...

In the park at Felix in '78 and '79.

  ...Can It be considered useful to us to have a look back in time and to find ourselves as a sort of travellers...
      ...in challenge of trying to rebuild a lost moment? as a matter of saying...

... It can be considered useful to try to find out again the lost glory of a dear place recalling somehow, from a glance of eye, some old memories...

            From the years of childhood, for instance, when we had spent the most happy days...

         Maybe it's possible... but still how much sadness it is involved... so much melancholy is involved in this process... and so much despair that it is only a recalled special moment from time...
....and so much truth...
....that the time it really cannot be brought back ... nor the far past, neither those happy moments when we enjoyed them so happy as children...
As adults, we only see that the time is passing, irreversible... and in the reality around us, only in stories it's correct to say:... "they lived happily ever after"...

              All we can say, with no doubt, it is that: " once upon a time"... I lived, I went, I was... so happy at...

nb. Hope that you'll understand that I'm not such a good thinker, philosopher, just a persona in search of simple ideas already announced by others... like Proust and his "madeleine"*...

 From Did You Know category:
* "madeleine"
 Excerpts from wikipedia: "In In Search of Lost Time (also known as Remembrance of Things Past), author Marcel Proust uses madeleines to contrast involuntary memory with voluntary memory. The latter designates memories retrieved by "intelligence," that is, memories produced by putting conscious effort into remembering events, people, and places. Proust's narrator laments that such memories are inevitably partial, and do not bear the "essence" of the past. The most famous instance of involuntary memory by Proust is known as the "episode of the madeleine," yet there are at least half a dozen other examples in In Search of Lost Time." (...))

With my mom at the lakes of water lilies in 1981 at Felix.

   For me: Băile Felix is that kind of "madeleine" ; 
      it is that aspect that it makes me, all the time, to be like in a quest of lost time...

                                .... and for sure some of the most happy times (that I had like in the saying  "once upon a time"... LOL...) have been "experienced" in the most happy place... at Felix!


                      As I already said, In the previous post,  I'll start a serie of "postcards" in images that will permit you to have a short look at the special beauty of an amazing place for my heart (since my childhood)...

   A collage with a mix of photos from Băile Felix... remembrances from the holiday travels made between the '78 - '90 till to 2014, in our recent days..

Now let's have a look at some aspects from the nowadays at Felix...

Pictures from present. 

        At Felix - old buildings on the green alleys in the centre of the park ...

           These buildings (with "such silent look") are so important for me.  Back in time... Years ago it was such a pleasure for us to be accommodated for around 18 days/session and to spend hours with my mom at water termal treatment in this balnear resort. Lots of people, in those years of '70-'90, were so enjoyed about so many medical and balnear procedures in those locations that include: accommodation, balneo treatment (indoor pools for thermal baths and kinesiotherapy) and facilities for leisure  (outdoor).

At Felix - old buildings on the green alleys in the centre of the park ...

N.b. " Băile Felix is still one of the biggest permanent spa resorts in Romania. It is located in Bihor county, 8 km away from Oradea and 22 km away from Bors customs (Hungarian border).
Geothermal hot springs (with temperatures between 20-49 degrees Celsius), modern treatment facilities and many possibilities for recreational activities can be found in
Băile Felix in a Continental moderate climate with mild winters and temperate summers with mediterranean influence."

The natural reservation of water lilies at Felix near the park's centre:
 Ideal for short walks and where, also,  it can be spent a quality and pleasant time in a place with fresh air surrounded by water lilies in thermal waters and where it is possible to observe exotic fishes, turtles and frogs.

Small exotic fishes in the lake.

Small exotic fishes in the lake.


This nota is so important.
Nowadays is so trendy to travel in exotics places worldwide. And it is not wrong, but: it is also important to rediscover the old places where balnear spas and treatment cures where and still, can be, available to anyone (especially to those in search for medical cures for rheumatic affections, respiratory illness, endocrinology or for relaxation of the nervous system, etc.)

From this point of view, I'm so grateful that I have the chance to show you in pictures, just a small part, from what I always considered to be a magical place as a figure of speech.

The balnear tourism must be protected to have the chance to evolve and do not become only a memory for those who already  have an idea about it. Even despite the new attractions in tourism, the young people, I think, I presume that in time they can be interested in much more than spending their free time in such places where it can be mixed so well the leisure with balneo cure.

My mom. In Felix. Panoramas.

          So what can be found in here: on short and first of all as far as I know as a tourist: Băile Felix, as a spa resort, has a lot of facilities and balneary treatment resources for:

   -  warm baths in thermal water pools and bath tubs, indoor and outdoor swimming pools
   -  medical gymnastics

   - Balneo treatment procedures:
  - kinesiotherapy (warm thermal water baths in bathtubs and pools);
  - electrotherapy
  - hydrotherapy
  - aero-helio therapy in outdoor pools with thermal waters
  - warm mud and paraffin packs

  - electrotherapy and hydrotherapy
  - medical-gymnastics
  - light baths
  - sauna
  - and even cosmetics, etc.

For all of these details shown above you can find qualified info on the special sites.

Images from park. The orthodox wooden church from Felix. Biserica de lemn Sfinții Arhangheli Mihail și Gavriil

Arhiva foto privată/ Private photos archive.
Click to see enlarged views.
Postcards from holiday at Felix/ Ilustrate din vacanță la Felix 
(Pictures from summer holiday spent at Felix near Oradea in Bihor County:  June 25 - july 11, 2014)

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  1. A beautiful post Alexa with mosaics portraying things important to your past and present. You've certainly given us much to think about. Thank you for participating in Mosaic Monday.

    1. Thank you so much for your expressed thought, as well! And I, also, thank you kindly for hosting the Mosaic Monday!

  2. What a lovely series of photos and post.. I would like to visit this spa, sounds wonderful..Nice memories for you! Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

    1. So glad to see that my presentation for the Baile Felix Spa resort has an impact! I thought at a moment that I've been too subjective, emotional... but for sure the place is so great for balnear cure and relaxation!! Thank you, too, Eileen for your kindly thought!! And thank you, once again, for hosting the Saturday's Critters!

  3. PS, I just wanted to thank you for linking up your post to my critter party! I love the cute turtle.

  4. Beautiful photos of times past and present. Felix is the name of my young grandson, just six months old. It means happy, and I think that the Felix baths you've shown would be a very happy place to visit.

    1. Right... great name for your nephew!! So... all the happiness just for him! Indeed, it is such a good place, with country sights in a continental moderate climate and the most important thing resides in thermal waters as benefits for health!! There are no high mountains in there or sea, but the thermal waters are the central subject. thank you so much for appreciation!

  5. I'm thinking you had a wonderful summer holiday for sure!

  6. I think that you are a very good thinker and the questions you posed and the post made me think back and that was a good thing for me today. I also love the SPA. You are creative and passionate... Love it... Michelle from Nature Notes

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle for your words and thoughts!! Thank you so kindly! All the best to you!


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