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A mix of thoughts at summer end...

Sunset. Near the forest of Băile Felix.

  A mix of thoughts at summer end.... (again),
 but this time in my own lyrics... 

And just because.

And just because... I'm thinking... 

My thought is as a sort of traveller spirit.
With a very earthy soul...

and an infinite affection for all that's humane
 (I acknowledge so)...

I guess...
that I'm really blessed...
For the chance to smile, to feel, to live
Among the critters, small or big...
among those passing seasons by...

Among the feelings, yours or mine,
among the battles of the cruel time...
time that had never stopped since..
                                      and just because...                                         

   All the nature is on my part!

I have no time to have a rest...
I'm not so sure if you'll read a word...
I have no time to rest myself a bit!

I guess...
that I'm really blessed...
Among the trees, colors and good vibes,
among the feelings,  yours or mine...
Life's ironic...
on the road.
You may stumble, even fall...

Just keep your faith,
the love and hope
and all the memories for inner soul.
It's what you'll hear...

All the nature is on your part!

Feel the light, the sunny rays, the shining stars,
love the moon, embrace the infinite blue skies...
Say "cheese" while looking to the golden sun,
and smile at sunset, with no tears in eyes,
to replace the hidden scars... 

Send me joy, share my lucky star...
Just respiro... Always play with a brave heart!...
And think of that:
All the nature is on our side...
We're really blessed.
That's all.
I guess*...
By AlexaT  *Sorry for possible english grammar mistakes/errors...
Puiu Mita at 11 years old! Happy b-day!

On the railroad from Bucharest to Băile Felix/ Oradea/Bihor.

Pigeons in the Unirii Square at Oradea. Bihor County.

At Betfia/ in apropiere de "Rezervația naturală “Situl fosilifer de pe Dealul Șomleului” (5,0 ha)."

At Cordău; near by Băile Felix, Băile 1 Mai at Sînmartin in Bihor County;

Moon - up in the sky; On the road Oradea-Budapest.

Moon - up in the sky; On the road Oradea-Budapest.

"Puszta (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈpustɒ]) is a grassland biome[1] on the Great Hungarian Plain (Alföld) around the River Tisza in the eastern part of Hungary as well as on the western part of Hungary and in the Austrian Burgenland."
On the road to Budapest... sights of Hungarian Plain & The Tisza

"The Great Hungarian Plain (also known as Alföld or Great Alföld, Hungarian: Alföld, Nagy Alföld) is a plain occupying the southern and eastern part of Hungary, some parts of the Eastern Slovak Lowland (Východoslovenská nížina), southwestern Ukraine, the Transcarpathian Lowland (Zakarpats'ka nyzovyna), western Romania (various names), northern Serbia (various names), and eastern Croatia (various names). It is the largest part of the Pannonian Plain.
In Hungarian, the plain is known as Alföld [ˈɒlføld], in Slovak as Veľká dunajská kotlina, in Romanian as Câmpia Tisei or Câmpia de Vest, in Croatian as Panonska nizina, in Serbian as Panonska nizija, and in Ukrainian as Тисо-Дунайська низовина."

"Câmpia Panonică este marea câmpie situată în Europa centrală. Cuprinde regiuni din Ungaria, vestul României, nordul Serbiei și al Croației, estul Sloveniei și al Austriei, sudul Slovaciei precum și colțul sud-vestic al Ucrainei. Câmpia este mărginită de către munții Carpați, Alpi, Alpii dinarici și Balcani." wikipedia

At Baile Felix/ Bihor County. Natural reservation of water lilies in a rainy day.  "Nymphaea lotus f. thermalis"
At Baile Felix/ Bihor County. Natural reservation of water lilies in a rainy day.
"Nymphaea lotus f. thermalis"

"When things get a little hectic,
or worry is wearing me down,
I drown myself in distress,
or, I get out of town...." mood magically lifts,
my perspective shifts,
and suddenly, I am
floating in a sea of hope**...."

           **So thankful and so much inspired by these amazing lyrics written by Poppy from Poppy view (click to read more)

Sursa/ Source: Lessons Learned In Life: Life is so ironic.

A piece of cake in a shape of heart and in b&w macro!!
A piece of cake in a shape of heart and macro!!

Arhiva foto privată/ Private photos archive.
Click to see enlarged views.

Photos:  Summer holiday at Felix & Oradea/ Bihor; 
At Cordău & Betfia; near by Băile Felix, Băile 1 Mai at Sînmartin in Bihor County;
& on the road to Budapest  near Tisza River in the Puszta;  july 2014.
Photo instants with Puiu Mită at 11 years old; celebrating soon coming b-day.
Gladly shared with:

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  1. Your black and white cat is a winner! Lovely photo.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the sheep and the cow. Have a great weekend!

  3. Gorgeous series of photos, I love all the cute critters..especially the sheep. Beautiful sky captures and the waterlily pads are pretty. Thank you for linking up to my critter party..Have a happy weekend!

  4. Your photos are great and I LOVE the quote because it is so true.

  5. A wonderful array of photos ... Thanks so much for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!!

  6. Cool serie of pics... I like the way you present them too ;your choice of word is so poetical (and your English sound good to me, but it may be cause I'm French... ^^ Well making the effort to speak in another language than our mother tongue is already huge).

  7. Oops, and I leave a comment with OBW email, hey, my blog is!

  8. The cake looks great even in b&w, - well done!

  9. Beautiful nature Alexa ... II feel blessed to be able to enjoy it too! Getting outdoors always lifts my mood. Thanks for the lovely pictures and words.

  10. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place! Love your reflection in the bus window. Pretty neat! Love the sheep. And the song was lovely.

  11. Great post, thanks for sharing at "Our Beautiful World"

  12. Lovely photos.
    Have a nice sunday.

  13. Hi Alexa, so wonderfull photos, i like it very mutch!
    But i see not a macro photo? ;-D
    Hugs Rivien

  14. Hi! Nice captures. I like your sky photos very much. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Minunata plimbare! Multumesc! :)
    Multumesc si pentru felia de tort... La multi ani!

  16. Beautiful photos. A great summer wrap-up!

  17. The mosaic with the cats is sweet and I enjoyed seeing the hustle and bustle side as well as out in the country where you've travelled.
    Thanks for linking to MM Alexa.

  18. Incredible poіnts. Great arguments. Κeep սp the amazing effort.

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  19. Alexa it's lovely to meet up with you at Mosaic Monday!
    I especially love your cats too

    My daughter and her family live in Europe while I'm in New Zealand. I take great comfort in looking up at the sky and seeing the sun and the moon and knowing that even though we are worlds apart, we share the same moon and sun.

    Your narrative is beautiful and has perfect grammar!
    Summer time is so precious, make the most of the days you have left, linger a few more minutes outside appreciating the gentle breeze and the beauty around you.
    I am preparing my garden in anticipation of Spring and Summer to come.

    Poppy is a very talented blogger and photographer. Her narrative is a joy to read and always takes me by surprise!

  20. Such a lovely series of shots. I love late summer.

  21. It's lovely to see photos from your part of the world. The countryside looks beautiful!


  22. Came from watery meme.
    Enjoying your wonderful words and photos.

  23. Dear Alexa,

    I so enjoyed these beautiful photos and words, flowing from your heart and soul; how inspiring they both are! Your kitty is a cutie, with a feisty character to match, it seems! Your love of nature really shines through on the page, and you express it with whimsical flair! I have the famous quote of F. Scott Fitzgerald's in a special place in my inbox, and I read it often to remind me of its infinite wisdom. Thank you for the shout out, so very sweet of you, and hope you have a wonderful week!


  24. Wonderful wisdom and images! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  25. Beautiful!
    Please share at

    1. Thank you for your visit and thought! And thank you kindly for your invitation to join at I'll gladly post as soon as I can! Have a sunny and pleasant day!

  26. Thank you for sharing your photos at the new home for Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) at I hope to see you each week!


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