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Spring time. Timp de primăvară ...

All I can say: It's still a Spring time!
Curcubeu pe un cer întunecat .... Rainbow on a dark sky....

It seems that it will rain?... It seems that it will be a sunny sky in the weekend?!

  It seems that it will rain?... it seems to be a  sunny sky in the weekend!    
       It looks to be like "a changeable weather" or: as it is already known everywhere... 
... since from a while... we do not longer know what season actually is... 

All I can say: It's still a Spring time

But It's still Spring time!!!
So let's see, below, what we have:
Blooms all over...
Ramuri de caisi ... reflectati în fereastra! Apricot tree branches... reflected in the window!

Poppy flower (floare de mac pe câmp) in the middle of a green field...

Magnolia bloom in my sister's garden (bloomed second time in this spring)... 
Floare de magnolium în grădina surorii mele (înflorit a doua oară în această primăvară...

Maya .. pisica surorii mele  și flori de crini ... 
Maya.. my sister's cat and blooms of lilium...
Maya .. pisica surorii mele  și flori de crini ... Maya.. my sister's cat and blooms of lilium...

Early fruits....
                                         Green... but fresh green, "fresh greenery"....  

Federico García Lorca: "Verde que te quiero verde. Verde viento. Verdes ramas."
"Verde que te quiero verde.Verde viento. Verdes ramas." the poet used to say!!!
Corcodușe/ mirabelles. fruits of Prunus cerasifera
Corcoduse in B&W Corcodușe  Mirabelle - Fruits of Prunus cerasifera
Federico García Lorca: "Verde que te quiero verde. Verde viento. Verdes ramas."
Green Apricots (Prunus armeniaca) on tree branches...
  Caise (Prunus armeniaca) pe ramuri de copaci ... click to read more info
Federico García Lorca: "Verde que te quiero verde. Verde viento. Verdes ramas."
Apricot tree branches and Corcodușe / mirabelle; fruits of Prunus cerasifera/
 Federico García Lorca: "Verde que te quiero verde. Verde viento. Verdes ramas."

                                                Arhiva foto privată/ Private Photo Archive
                                For an enlarged format or view, please, click on the first photo.

Spring Up-dates:

Click to read for more info about:
  Caise / Apricots (Prunus armeniaca)
 Corcodușe / Mirabelle (Fruits of Prunus cerasifera)

Federico García Lorca: "Verde que te quiero verde. Verde viento. Verdes ramas."

"Earth Day 2014"- "Education is at the heart of Earth Day."

Spring time... 
            A cosy and relaxation time to spend in the middle of nature...
 in a garden or park, a resort, on the alleys, in the forrest or whatever..
 Have fun, now and always!
And have an excellent weekend!!!

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  1. Your rainbow shots are beautiful, well done !

  2. Wonderful photos...lovely flowers...nicely done...

  3. What a varieties of fantastic pictures; I LOVE the rainbow with your scenery♡♡♡ 

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  4. beautiful skies, lots of greenery and blooms. cute kitty!

    1. Thanks so much! Indeed, in this unusual spring we had lots of greenery around, despite to some cold days... All the best!

  5. A nice b&w photo!
    My post at: http://hanshb.wordpress.com/

  6. My post at: My post at: http://hanshb.wordpress.com/

  7. I love the rainbow and your cute cat.... It has been a cold and wet spring here, but the sun is here today... Michelle

    1. Glad to hear good news... hope that everything is fine and from now on the sun Spring will shine more and more!! Many thanks for messages and Have a splendid and sunny week ahead, Michelle!

  8. Oh how beautiful! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  9. Cute kitty! The skies are beautiful, I love the pretty rainbow.. Thank you so much for linking up to my critter party.. Have a happy day!

    1. Thank you, Eileen for hosting and as well for appreciation, too! Have a happy week ahead!

  10. Such a delightful series of shots. They each have their own beauty.

    1. I agree... and "May" as a month - it was so surprising this year!! I'll post more, so beautiful and sunny photo instants, in the next days... All the best, Bettyl!

  11. Primavara imortalizata in pozele tale superbe.Felicitari ! .Amintirile intodeauna sunt asociate imaginilor,ca niste flesuri ele ne aduc in memorie cele mai importante evenimente din viata noastra.

  12. Oh the photos are gorgeous! It is wonderful to visit you here.Hope you had a happy birthday with Pink Saturday. Time moves so quickly. Six years is a long time. But it has been filled with fun and great friendships. Have a beautiful weekend.

  13. Oh the photo shares are terrific! I love visiting here. Made me smile. Have a great weekend and enjoy


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