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Spring Poem......

"I, my own prisoner, say so:
life is not the  

 springtime clad in light
green velvet,
or a caress that one seldom receives,
life is not a resolve to go
or two white arms that hold one back.
Life is the narrow ring that holds us captive,
the invisible circle we never cross,
life is nearby happiness that passes us by,
and the thousand steps we cannot bring ourselves to take.
Life is to despise oneself
and to lie motionless on the bottom of a well
and to know that the sun is shining up there
and golden birds are flying through the air
and the days swift as arrows are shooting by.
Life is to wave a short farewell and go home and sleep . .
Life is to be a foreigner to oneself
and a new mask for every other person who comes.
Life is to be careless with one’s own happiness
and to push away the unique moment,
                                                                          life is to think oneself weak and not to dare."

*Edith Irene Södergran (4 April 1892 – 24 June 1923) was a Swedish-speaking Finnish poet. She was one of the first modernists within Swedish-language literature and her influences came from French Symbolism, German expressionism and Russian futurism. At the age of 24 she released her first collection of poetry entitled Dikter ("Poems"). click to read more info on wikipedia


"Eu, mie însămi prizonieră, spun:
ţa nu este primăvară, îmbrăcată-n catifea verde deschis,
sau o mângâiere rareori primită,
ţa nu este hotărârea de a pleca
sau două brate albe care te re
ţa e cercul îngust care ne ţine captivi,
invizibilul cerc ce nu-l vom depă
şi niciodată
ţa este fericirea apropiată ce trece pe langă noi,şi miile de paşi pe care nu ne hotărăm să-i facem.

ţa înseamnă a te dispretui pe tineşi să rămai nemişcat  în adăncul unei fântănişi să stii că soarele străluceşte deasupraşi păsări de aur săgetează aerulşi ca zilele trec iuţi ca săgeţile. 

Viaţa este a scrie un scurt adio cu mina,
să te re
întorci la tine şi să dormi...

ţa este să-ti fii străin ţie însuţi
şi o nouă mască pentru orice nou venit 
 şi să respingi clipa unică,
ţa înseamnă să te crezi slab şi să nu îndrăznesti."

poem de Edith Irene Södergran (4 April 1892 – 24 June 1923)


Cuza Park 2014 
Arhiva foto privata/ Private Photo Archive
               For an enlarged format or view, please, click on the first photo.

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  1. Hello Alexa, your images are beautiful and I enjoyed the lovely poem! The ducks and water scenes are wonderful.. Thank you for sharing your post with Saturday's Critter party! Have a happy weekend!

    1. Hi Eileen! I did not said what kind of type of ducks are!!! cause it's simple... not sure if they are mallard ducks... And so glad that you liked the poem... All the best for the new week!

  2. Răspunsuri
    1. It looks like it was a good choice to photograph from respective angle!... I liked it, too!

  3. Răspunsuri
    1. So thankful that you enjoyed it... Have a pleasant week!

  4. Din nou imagini foarte frumoase la tine aici! Mi-a placut si de aceasta data!
    O saptamana frumoasa, draga Alexa!

    1. Multumesc frumos, ma bucura sa stiu asta si asemenea iti doresc o saptamana mai ales insorita!!

  5. I really really love the beautiful scenery you are showing us!


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