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Tot de "Mărțișor"...

Memorial House of Tudor Arghezi on "Mărțișor" Street.

Do you remember about "Mărțișor"?...
Yes.... the little "Mărțișor", (click to see) the traditional item* who must to be worn at the beginning of March as a symbol of coming Spring, a precious symbol of friendship or love, appreciation and respect and who also, as a symbol, it was related in the past to the fertility, continuity of life and good health.
* trinket worn in honor of March 1 (folk celebration; read on Wiktionary).

I know that from the previous post, you already have these informations... So, this time let me share some details about a well known place named  "Mărțișor"...

Let me to tell you about the well known "Mărţişor" - who used to belong to the  renowned romanian writer Tudor Arghezi (click for more info) - a fairytale place to me and others...

Autumn in Tineretului Park, Bucharest.
At the end of the last year I spent some good quality time walking with my nephews in an interesting park from Bucharest and after that in the nearby on the footsteps of the author of poetry "Cuvinte potrivite" and "Flori de mucigai".

It was happened by chance... "I've been in the right place, at the right moment"....it can be said.

The whole story started with the invitation to see the autumn light on the park's alleys (click to see), to admire nature, lovely places and sights and, also, to feel the warm air of november just before winter to come.

At first sight in our short walk on the park's alleys: we were so surprised by an intriguing fountain with fresh water and placed just in the middle of an open market. Lots of people with bottles.... Stunning view, stunning discovery: the place was known as  Arghezy's Fountain.

Why's that, why it is called like this?

And sooner than we could really realize about we went on a street named:
"Mărțișor" Street... It appeared by chance in our way!! It seemed to appear... Just like a magic moment...

On this street is the house of the famous writer. An unique place who currently is a museum, a place that should must be seen.


 We were thrilled to go back in time on the footsteps of Arghezi... to be part of his history and we were so honored to have the chance (while we look to the the garden) to remember ourselves the well known lyrics from his works...

"Bateti in toaca!".... 
Si atunci am batut...

"Ceasul de-apoi." (lyrics by Tudor Arghezi."Flori de mucigai" (1931)

"În cer,
Bate ora de bronz şi de fier.
Într-o stea
Bătu ora de catifea.
Ora de pâslă bate
În turla din cetate.
În ora de lână
Se-aude vremea bătrână
Şi se sfâşie
Ora de hârtie.
Lângă domnescul epitaf
Bate glasul orei de praf.

Aznoapte, soră,
N-a mai bătut nici-o oră."

Excerpts from "Cuvinte potrivite"/1927


"Nu-ţi voi lăsa drept bunuri, după moarte,
Decât un nume adunat pe o carte,
În seara răzvrătită care vine
De la străbunii mei până la tine,
Prin răpi şi gropi adânci
Suite de bătrânii mei pe brânci
Şi care, tânăr, să le urci te-aşteaptă
Cartea mea-i, fiule, o treaptă.

Aşeaz-o cu credinţa căpătâi.
Ea e hrişovul vostru cel dintâi.
Al robilor cu săricile, pline
De osemintele vărsate-n mine. (...)"

                 In the same place at "Mărțișor", Arghezi, who died in 1967, was buried in the garden of his house next to his wife Paraschiva. 
Since may 1974 the whole place became a museum managed by his daughter, Mitzura.

"Zdreanță" is a poem dedicated to a special dog, a loyal friend... 
and his tomb is a place that it cannot be avoided...


L-aţi văzut cumva pe Zdreanţă,
Cel cu ochii de faianţă?
E un câine zdrenţuros
De flocos, dar e frumos.
Parcă-i strâns din petice,
Ca să-l tot împiedice,
Ferfeniţele-i atârnă
Şi pe ochi, pe nara cârnă,
Şi se-ncurcă şi descurcă,
Parcă-i scos din călţi pe furcă.
Are însă o ureche
De pungaş fără pareche. (...)"

  See? I've told you that I will tell a different story about a special "Mărţişor"...

                   Something to be "worn" deep in our soul, something so special, that cannot be forgetten or hided, no matter how long time it will pass till we are going to remember again and again some of the Tudor Arghezi's lyrics studied in school...

Excerpts from "Flori de mucigai"/1931:

"De-abia plecaseşi."

"De-abia plecaseşi. Te-am rugat să pleci.
Te urmăream de-a lungul molatecii poteci,
Pân-ai pierit, la capăt, prin trifoi.
Nu te-ai uitat o dată înapoi!

Ţi-aş fi făcut un semn, după plecare,
Dar ce-i un semn din umbră-n depărtare?

Voiam să pleci, voiam şi să rămâi.
Ai ascultat de gândul ce-l dintâi.
Nu te oprise gândul fără glas.
De ce-ai plecat? De ce-ai mai fi rămas?"

 n.b. "Casa în care a locuit poetul Tudor Arghezi, începând cu 1930, este cunoscută sub numele de Mărţişor. Situată pe dealul Piscului, domină partea de sud-est a oraşului, unde se află mormintele soţilor Arghezi. Conform dorinţei testamentare a poetului, din toamna anului 1974, casa a devenit muzeu memorial."
More Info: despre/about click here "Mărțișor"(ghidul muzeelor)

Arhiva foto privată/ Private Photo Archive
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  1. Wonderful series and post. It is a beautiful place to walk and enjoy nature. Your photos are lovely. Have a happy weekend!

  2. An enchanting, fascinating series of photos. I love to experience unplanned moments like this. They become so beautiful and so special. And love that house design.

  3. What a wonderful post and lovely photos and what a lovely experience for you ~ thanks so much for searching the beauty ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  4. A scenic walk with loved ones and the chance to learn history at the same time ..perfection!


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