vineri, 14 martie 2014

On short... Signs of Spring (I)

                                      On short... Spring signs... on the alleys...
  Pe scurt... Semne de primăvară... pe alei....

well: not sure of it...sitting, skating or walking?!!.....  ;)  lol...

Well: not sure of it...sitting, skating or walking?!!.....  
;)  lol...  
ei bine: n-aş fi prea sigură... stăm, ne dăm cu rolele sau ne plimbăm?!! 
;) amuzant, nu?...

Can you see...the moon?!...

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 On short... Signs of Spring (I)/ Semne de primăvară (I)
To a great weekend...

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12 comentarii:

  1. A pretty spring like day to be out walking or skating.. Lovely scenery and photos. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I'm stunned by the sculpture : this metallical faery is amazing !

  3. The soft light round the people walking is magical. And that fairy sculpture is so unique, so beautiful.

    1. At that time being almost the sunset - indeed the light it looked so soft ... Thank so much for appreciation!

  4. Oh how lovely to be able to get out and enjoy the weather... beautiful...Michelle

    1. About the weather... and the forecast: it seems that somehow it's going to be fine after all!... until april the winter signs should be soon gone...

  5. Cu siguranta a venit primavara! Ultimele zile au fost superbe. Foarte frumoase fotografiile tale. Nu stiu cu siguranta ce parc ne arati. Am o vaga banuiala dar nu am certitudinea ca asa e. :) Imi place in mod deosebit ultima fotografie!
    Weekend placut!

    1. Multumesc frumos si o saptamana buna, asemenea... Intr-adevar, vremea "primavaratica" a sosit si pe la noi... Am mai postat instanturi de vara (anul trecut) din Parcul Cuza, dar nu i-am facut o prezentare (sper sa reusesc in curand). Mea culpa...


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