marți, 10 decembrie 2013

"Some updates are really necessary!!..."

Nota bene. Maya. The kitty cat is safe and sound...
               Actually... it was "feeling cold" or "feeling blue"?!!... if the answer is affirmative in both ways... LOL... then.... "I'm thinking" doubt...

"Some updates are really necessary!!..."

So ...let's think again... what am I thinking?!!!... "endless blue"..."small problems of the world".... crosswords... "whatever"... 

…It was such a chilly weather for gardening in november - especially in that day choosed to perform such an memorable action ... a cosy family gathering... to share joy and the "coolest weather ever felt in november" plus those "lovely" domestic activities... and... at the very end of all of this.... "the blessings" of catching flu...

Since very long hours were spent in almost "freezing" temperature...  "the old traditional cure" (or idea of my sister and brother in law) was to have a warm cup of romanian "ţuica"- a traditional Romanian spirit prepared only from plums..

..."țuică may be left to age between six months and ten years in oak aging barrels (the result is pearlescent yellow, has a strong aroma, and is known as "old țuică", țuică bătrână)". excerpts from wikipedia

This one.. was prepared in the "old fashion style".. so it was being added some sugar and whole black peppercorns....finaly it looked like a cup of tea...
P.s. or... It wasn't my intent to give details about a traditional romanian product... but it's absolutely to be consumed with moderation...
Plus… cordially LOL (again  ;)) feeling amused. )…all of this was written "in the spirit" of soon coming White Holidays... so share the joy being cheerful!!

Did you know...
"Traditionally, țuică is prepared from early October until early December (after winemaking is complete). The process must generally be finished before Christmas, as not to leave unfinished business for the next year. If using plums, they must be left for fermentation (macerare) for 6–8 weeks, in large barrels (butoaie or căldări).... (...) țuică may be left to age between six months and ten years in oak aging barrels (the result is pearlescent yellow, has a strong aroma, and is known as "old țuică", țuică bătrână). ... Normally, țuica is only consumed before the meal (traditionally every meal). In most cases, only a shot is served as it is too strong to be sipped. The drink is also present in all traditional parties (agape) such as weddings, baptisms, hunting parties, harvest festivals, religious holidays, family reunions, wakes, and every day of the week. In most of rural Romania, țuică is the usual drink to hold a toast with, rather than wine, which is almost always consumed towards the end of the party." excerpts from Wikipedia...

Sursa/source: Lessons learned in life

Arhiva foto privată/ Private Photo Archive
A Gathering Family&Gardening.  2013
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8 comentarii:

  1. Alexa,

    You have so much energy! Wow, and in between all your ongoing projects, you make the time to ponder and wonder, which itself, can be exhausting, no?! Thanks for sharing all your projets and hope you are feeling better!


    1. Quite well..
      ...and exceptionally and truly it may be said that since life is just a "walk"... then we must find out for ourself the precious time "to ponder and wonder" on and about: various issues...
      If is it... exhausting? well.... some will say yes and some will say - no.... Thank you kindly, also and wish you a sunny week!

  2. Love the ramble through your garden, so much going on, always so much to do !

  3. și eu sunt alergic la lamaie ... și piper!
    nu conteaza!
    servi pe mine prune pur! sau cu zahăr

    Je suis allergique au citron... et au poivre
    Ce n'est pas grave!
    Sers-moi la prune pure, ou avec du sucre
    Mon grand-père aussi faisait des tonneaux et distillait,
    cerises, quetsches (, mirabelles (, poires
    On n'a plus eu le droit après lui.
    Les cerisiers ont été coupés, les cerises (noires) faisaient aussi de si bons beignets (*) Le passé, c'est le passé...
    (*) tu vas adorer!

    Bunicul meu a fost, de asemenea, butoaie și distilate sale,
    cireșe, prune, prune, pere
    Noi nu mai avea dreptul de- după moartea sa.
    Cireșii au fost tăiate,
    cireșe (negre) a dat, de asemenea, astfel de gogosi bune

    trecutul este trecut...

    1. Toujours les mémoires d'autrefois.... merci beaucoup pour les links! Il y a de different especes de fruits...I've never heard about about "mirabelles" (similaire avec des "normaux" prunes).

  4. ah - et aussi :
    tu peux venir m'aider ... pour nettoyer le jardin... si tu t'ennuies!

    1. Sans doute avec plaisir (rien d'ennuie) ... ça sera une vrai plaisir dans un prochain avenir de poser en practique un reve de voir le votre paradis situe entre la mer et le montagne entouree.. A bon et heureux sante pour Noel a vous!


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