sâmbătă, 7 decembrie 2013

O zi... "banală"?!...

O zi... banală?!... 

...ce nu ne împiedică să... pregătim o porţie de homemade sausages fără aditivi şi e-uri...sau care cam pe la noi proverbial sunt "denumiţi":

cărnaţi de casă.... 

("- aud întrebări?..."de ce i-am pregătit? cum? ce reţetă am folosit? 
ei bine ... cum se zice...."urmarea în serialul următor..." LOL ;) )

Încă mai credeţi că a fost o zi banală?!... oare...

...lumea filmează chiar la colţ de stradă... ce?...
- n-aş şti a vă spune... dar pare interesant!...
Poţi să spui că e banal... 

Între timp:
...norişorii stau la pîndă...s-au înmulţit vezi bine.... 
"se aude un zvon de iarnă..."

- "ei aş... o păcăleală"... chiar în prag de Sărbători... 
şi să avem pardon...
...de am uitat să zic: "La mulţi ani cu sănătate"...!... 
(că în rest avem de toate... ori pe aproape?!?...)

pe scurt sau altfel spus: 

"Zi banală?!... se poate... printre nori, cârnaţi... soare cu dinţi....şi o filmare printre "whatever detalii" de decor tomnatic în curtea vecinilor... posibil unora le par demne de un cadru admirabil.... ca să vezi, ce de minuni la colţ de stradă... eeei!!! ce tărg la universitate... "hai la colţul meu de stradă...avem cărnaţi, nori, ger şi.... film gratis.... hai la tărg... la tărg de iarnă.... "

ps. Hai şi La mulţi ani - că tot veniră sărbătorile!!!.... LOL
 — feeling amused."

Arhiva foto privată/Private Photo Archive
Amuzament hibernal/Just a little fun...
La mulţi ani în prag de Sărbători! Happy Christmas Hollidays to all of you!

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  1. Alexa, A beautiful post! The pictures of the homemade sausages brought me back to my childhood... how my mom would work all day to make us delicious sausages. That aroma of spices and garlic... mmm, still can remember it... as if it were yesterday! Thanks for bringing back such wonderful memories for me... even the pictures with the wintery scenes brought back the days when I was a little girl growing up in Bucharest:)... such a long time ago:).

    Appreciate you stopping by my blog:). Wishing you and your family a most wonderful Christmas!

  2. Thankful, too, Ellie!! I was so delighted to see those photos (instants) of yours from Japan... and so charmed by them...
    I really appreciate, also, that you enjoyed my short & funny "memento"... And you're right, indeed: the recipe of sausages is made in traditional homemade way: just spices (boia iute de ardei) chilli powder and garlic...
    Thank you, again and I wish you: a White Christmas - joyful and full of special moments!!

  3. Hi Alexa,

    So nice to 'meet' you! I see that you are just as passionate about clouds as I am! How dreamy it would be, to be carried away on one of these floating wonders, to faraway lands and intriguing personalities.

    In the meantime, and the real world, glad we connected and hope to explore your lovely travels in thought, image and words.

    PS: Thanks for following Poppy View! I want to follow back, but don't see a way to do this on your blog. Please email me and let me know.

    1. Glad to meet you, too! and indeed - it's so intriguing to see new things (I love to say it this way: "from a huge sense of wonder"), to discover new places just "from a distance of a mouse click"... or to be " connected and to explore lovely travels in thought, image and words..." I'll have to fix (find a way) for the problem of following back...I know... promise to let you know as soon as possible!
      Thanks so much - I really appreciate you stopping by my blog...

  4. Heisann!

    Interesting shots!
    Obs... I didn´t know till today that Ein Stück Himmel was lucked. I made my post for this week in the weekend!
    An clelbration for a master of the world:

    1. Thank you for visiting by my blog and for appreciation, as well!! Have a nice day!


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