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Murături asortate... ca acasă!! Homemade assorted pickles.

Ei bine... se pare că este vremea să vorbim despre "murături"... Pardon, mai bine zis... Este timpul cănd ar trebui să vorbim despre murături, din cele asortate.... dacă aveţi plăcerea... 
It seems that it is "the pickling" time... Sorry; actually... It is the time when we must talk about pickles, especially about the assorted ones... so, if you like...
On wikipedia it is mentioned: "murături" are Romanian pickles. Murături are made out of beetroot, cucumbers, green tomatoes (gogonele), carrots, cabbage, bell peppers, melons, mushrooms, turnips, celery and cauliflower"....
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About Pickles
Pickling began 4000 years ago using cucumbers native to India.[citation needed] This was used as a way to preserve food for out-of-season use and for long journeys, especially by sea. Salt pork and salt beef were common staples for sailors before the days of steam engines. Although the process was invented to preserve foods, pickles are also made and eaten because people enjoy the resulting flavors. Pickling may also improve the nutritional value of food by introducing B vitamins produced by bacteria.

The term pickle is derived from the Dutch word pekel, meaning brine. In the U.S. and Canada, and sometimes Australia and New Zealand, the word pickle alone almost always refers to a pickled cucumber, except when it is used figuratively. It may also refer to other types of pickles such as "pickled onion", "pickled cauliflower", etc. In the UK, pickle, as in a "cheese and pickle sandwich", may also refer to Ploughman's pickle, a kind of chutney."

So, It's up to your taste what you'll actually choose to mix in your own way... according to the old saying: " de gustibus non est disputandum" ...
Lovely, isn't it?

What I used?
Let's see... my favourites:
Preferatele mele...
  1. green tomatoes; gogonele
  2. carrots; morcovi
  3. cucumbers; castraveţi
  4. celery; ţelină
  5. cauliflower; conopidă
  6. mustard seeds; seminţe de muştar
  7. black pepper; boabe de piper negru
  8. thyme or dried dill; cimbru sau mărar uscat
  9. vinegar; oţet - cca. 200 ml.
  10. salt; sare - 5 tbs.
  11. water. apă
Legumele bine spălate, se aranjează în borcane, după preferinţă. Între timp se pregăteşte lichidul prin fierbere (parte apă, parte oţet şi sare - după gust). După ce s-a răcit se toarnă, cu grijă, în borcane. Se adaugă boabele de piper şi muştar şi, la final, frunzele de cimbru sau mărar uscat aranjate pentru a menţine căt mai bine murăturile în lichid.
                                                           My method:
  1. 1. Very well washed vegetables are arranged by preference in two large jars (even decorated as you'll like).

  2. In the jars - add: black pepper, mustard seeds and thyme or dried dill.

 3. Meanwhile: the pickles liquid (part water, part vinegar and salt) must be prepared, by boiling and then let it to become a little bit colder when it will be actually poured over the arranged pickles in the jars.

4. In the end : the pickles jars (very well sealed) can be stored. 

Nb. pentru reţete căt mai savuroase - nu ezitaţi să vă documentaţi în prealabil de prin cărţile de bucate.
Remember: "De gustibus non est disputandum" / "In matters of taste, there can be no disputes" or you can choose to cook in your own and unique way...
Pe româneşte şi în traducere liberă ad-hoc (LOL)... "...ce îmi place mie, nu-i musai să-ţi placă ţie...deci bucătăreşte cum îţi convine!"

Foto Arhiva Privată/ Private Photo Archive.
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Toamna, Autumne, Fall 2013

Precedentul post despre roşii / Previous post about tomatoes

Toamna (III) Despre roşii / About Tomatoes sau despre Solanum lycopersicum... 
Utilizare/ Way of consum: Consum în stare proaspătă în salate / tomatoes can be used in raw form in salads. Diverse preparate culinare./ Different culinary recipes.În ciorbe, supe, paste, sosuri, roşii umplute, murături - gogonele, ghiveciuri, tocăniţe, garnituri, bulion, paste de tomate, ketchup, etc. Main dishes: soups, borscht, stew, side dishes, tomato sauce, ketchup, tomato pickles, stuffed tomatoes, garnished dishes, etc..

Have a pleasant and productive Autumne!! O toamnă bogată şi productivă!

4 comentarii:

  1. Arata bestial in fotografii si banuiesc ca sunt la fel de gustoaste. Arta pura intr-un borcan! O zi buna!

  2. Asemenea şi mulţumesc de vizită... sper că tot vorbeam de vreme, de timp...să fie şi gustoase, nu doar aspectuoase, dar nu se ştie, niciodată, cănd poate apărea vreun rateu.. neintenţionat!!... :) până la degustare!
    O seară plăcută!

  3. Quel résultat coloré et appétissant. Nous faisions aussi cela avec ma famille , lorsque j'étais enfant! Nous utilisions ce que nous récoltions au jardin pour le conserver pendant l'hiver.

  4. Oh - meme ici; c'est la tradition encore de faire et d'avoir des conserves pour l'hiver... je dois dire que j'ai utilise seulement des vegetables qui habituelle on peut trouver de la marché locale. C'est justement la tradition familliale qui ne fait tellement plaisir de continuer en avant. Bien sur que les "hiper-marches" sont pleines des produits varies, tradition est toujours la tradition..


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