luni, 5 august 2013

"Letters of Note: It's a strange and confusing world"

To carefully read, please, follow the link below:

 Letters of Note: It's a strange and confusing world

some special excerpts:

" It's a strange and confusing world we leave to you. I only hope you can do a better job with it than we have done. But, in spite of what I've said, there is much, in life to enjoy – to relish. There is also much that can be done to make life worth while and living worth the "candle."

There is a rich heritage of literature and music that awaits your investigation – it's there for the taking – in the libraries of the country and in the archives of the museums. There is poetry and prose – enough to fill all the hours you can spare to listen to them and more knowledge, on every conceivable subject, than you can assimilate in a lifetime. It's all there just waiting for you to ask for it or to seek it out. Don't overlook it or pass it up for less important or less meaningful pastimes. Most important of all is ability to savor life, to taste of it in as many variances as you can – while you can. Life never looks so short as when you look back on it. Unfortunately you cannot do this until it has passed you by. So, as you go through life, don't overlook the "Lily in the Field," the newborn puppy, the fledgling bird – for they are as much (or more) of life as the tall buildings, the shiny automobiles and the possessions we tend to place so much importance upon. If you can do just this much – life will be more meaningful for you. (...)

If I could package (with ribbon) those gifts that I would most like to give you, I would. But how do you package integrity, how do you wrap honesty, what kind of paper for a sense of humor, what ribbon for inquisitiveness?

But, since there is no way I can give you any of those things, I can in this year of your birth, wish that you will find some wisdom and some guidance from these words, and, perhaps my wish for a bright new life for you will, eventually, come to reality. At least I hope so – with all my heart."

2 comentarii:

  1. Ce frumoase poze! Imi aduc aminte de parcul Herestrau si daca nu am mai vazut Romania de cati va ani...

    Vad ca iti plac retetele coreene f. mult. Ma bucur ca ai un spirit adventuros:)... si eu sant la fel. Sant asa multe cuisines cu diferite mancaruri... ca merita incercate:).

    Iti doresc o zi buna!

    1. Ellie, mulţumesc mult de apreciere... Totul e aici dintr-o uimire teribilă, în sensul bun!
      Îmi place gastronomia şi o situez printre alte pasiuni şi încerc să găsesc similitudinile din preparatele diverse ale bucătăriilor tradiţionale... de oriunde şi încerc, adevărat, să experimentez!
      Aşa ca pentru mine...şi ca să citez "Most important of all is ability to savor life, to taste of it in as many variances as you can – while you can...."
      la fel şi arta fotografică... nu nimeresc întotdeauna cele mai bune cadre, dar...perseverez - sper... chiar mă "aventurez"!! mă bucură că v-au plăcut instantaneele mele...

      Mulţumesc pentru vizită, asemenea, şi ziua să vă fie însorită şi vă aştept noile posturi cu interes (aşa, recunosc, voi învăţa şi un pic de engleză, o voi... up-data.. ca să fie mai chic)!! :) :)


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