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Dovlecei Pane / Pan-fried white zucchini / Courgettes panées / Hobakjeon.

                In these days I had thought a lot to.... some fried vegetables!! How it comes? Just like that...

pan-fried white zucchini (summer squash) with seasoned garlic sauce;
So, finally: I decided to cook, white courgette! 
       But first of all, I did a very quick research about the recipe of seasoned pan-fried vegetables... in various cuisines.
        Then with the thought to the recipe of summer fried courgettes, I, also became interested in finding the similarities in various ways of cooking courgettes, worldwide.
Dovlecei Pane / Pan-fried white zucchini / Courgettes panées / Hobakjeon.        According to the details found in a basic culinary research, I discovered, first of all: the names, the titles, the descriptions... almost quite similar...

Exemple / For instance:

Pan-fried Zucchini
Pan-fried vegetables (english);
Dovlecei pane
Legume pane (romanian);
Courgettes panées
Légumes panées (french);
Jeon  (korean).

 About white courgette or zucchini*.
"Zucchini* (/zuːˈkiːniː/) or courgette (/kʊərˈʒɛt/, British English) is a summer squash which can reach nearly a meter in length, but which is usually harvested at half that size or less. In England, a fully grown zucchini is referred to as a marrow.
Along with certain other squashes and pumpkins, it belongs to the species cucurbita pepo*
Zucchini can be dark or light green. A related hybrid, the golden zucchini, is a deep yellow or orange color.
In a culinary context, zucchini is treated as a vegetable; it is usually cooked and presented as a savory dish or accompaniment. Botanically, zucchinis are fruits, a type of botanical berry, being the swollen ovary of the zucchini flower."
Culinary uses

"When used for food, zucchini are usually picked when under 20 cm (8 in.) in length, when the seeds are still soft and immature. Mature zucchini can be as large as a baseball bat. The larger ones are often fibrous. A zucchini with the flowers attached is a sign of a truly fresh and immature fruit, and it is especially sought after for its sweeter flavor
 Several different kinds of zucchini and pattypan squash. Source image: Wikipedia
 Several different kinds of zucchini and pattypan squash.
 Source image: Wikipedia
Unlike cucumber, zucchini is usually served cooked. It can be prepared using a variety of cooking techniques, including steamed, boiled, grilled, stuffed and baked, barbecued, fried, or incorporated in other recipes such as soufflés. Zucchini can also be baked into a bread similar to banana bread or incorporated into a cake mix. Its flowers can be eaten stuffed and are a delicacy when deep fried, as tempura."
"Dovlecelul*, științific denumit cucurbita pepo, este o plantă erbacee anuală din familia cucurbitaceelor. În Moldova leguma este denumită dovleac iar Cucurbita maxima (dovleacul) este denumit bostan. Planta este originară din America dar în actualitate este sădită pe tot globul pentru fructul folosit în alimentație.
Fructele sunt lunguiețe și variază mult în funcție de varietate. Coaja dovleceilor poate prezenta mai multe culori dar de obicei are tonuri de la alb-verzui la verde închis. Curcubita pepo hibridizează ușor cu alte cucurbitacee.
Dovlecelul este bogat în apă, cca 93%, potasiu, vitamina C și β-caroten."*
*Click to read more on Wikipedia.

My own recipe:
Ingredients / Ingrediente:

Dovlecei/ White Zucchini
- 1-2  zucchini (medium) /  1-2 dovlecei
- salt and pepper / sare şi piper

- 2 eggs, beaten / 2 ouă bătute

- 1 cup flour /  1 cupă de făină
vegetable oil for pan frying / ulei vegetal  pentru prăjit

You can add according to taste / Puteţi adăuga după gust:
- Dill / mărar
- Hot chilli pepper / boia de ardei iute
- Black pepper / piper negru

Sauce / sos:

- Garlic / usturoi;
- 1 tablespoon vegetable oil / 1 lingură ulei floarea soarelui;
- 1 tablespoon  vinegar / 1 linguriţă oţet (or according to taste / după gust);
- pinch of pepper and salt / un praf de piper şi sare;
- Chilli pepper chopped / ardei iute mărunţit;
- Tomatoes / roşii mărunţite (finely chopped);
- Dill / mărar;


1. The sliced zucchini are coated with the mixture of egg, flour, dill, salt and pepper; - in equal coating both sides.
Shake off the excess and place the sliced zucchini on a plate.

2. Heat the vegetable oil oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
 In a large pan - fry the zucchini until the crust browns about 2 minutes on each side.
Season with salt and pepper. (or according to taste)

For sauce:

In a bowl: mix the garlic paste with vegetable oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, chopped tomatoes, chopped dill and chopped chilli pepper.

It can be served hot or cold, even by adding some other side dishes.

Arhiva foto privată/ Private photos archive.
Click to see enlarged views.

 Some short excerpts from the research:

“The zucchini or courgette is a summer squash which can reach nearly a meter in length, but which is usually harvested at half that size or less. Along with certain other squashes, it belongs to the species Cucurbita pepo. Zucchini can be dark or light green. A related hybrid, the golden zucchini, is a deep yellow or orange color”

…. can be baked, boiled, steamed, and/or microwaved, pan-fried, grilled..
 It can be served with or without sauce – different kinds of  seasoned sauces or as a substitute for pasta, also.

“Another popular dish is oven-baked zucchini—sliced or grated—covered with a mixture of eggs, yogurt, flour and dill.” read about on wikipedia 

From Korean cuisine:
"Jeon [Pan-fried Delicacies]
 - can be made from meat, fish, shellfish or vegetables seasoned with salt and black pepper and dipped in a flour and egg batter before being pan-fried golden brown. Jeon is a familiar yet still very special dish among Koreans."
Excerpts from Hansik - The Taste of Korea

About Ho-Bak-Jeon
Fried Zucchini
Dovlecei pane asezonaţi cu sos de usturoi, mărar, roşii şi chilli;Hobakjeon is a simple, delicious Korean side dish or banchan for an everyday meal. It’s a very common Korean side dish, served along with a variety of other vegetable accompaniments to a meal. In translation, hobak means zucchini and jeon means pancake. It may be called a “pancake” in English, but the taste will be a little different because it is not quite sweet.
Fresh, firm zucchinis are sliced then coated in all purpose flour and finally dipped in beaten egg, to be pan-fried with hot oil on both sides until it gets crispy and golden in color. Since most jeon dishes are kind of bland and the taste gets easily lost, it is usually accompanied by a dipping sauce usually comprised of soy sauce mixed in with vinegar, sliced hot chili peppers and chili pepper flakes (gochugaru). However, each hobakjeon pieces are also delicious when plain or even dipped with ketchup.”

....adăugăm sos de usturoi condimentat... hot hot hot  :)

Recipes from other cuisines:

French style

2 courgettes moyennes ou 1 grande
2 oeufs
l'huile pour la friture

Eplucher les courgettes, couper en tranches ( épaisseur d'un cm), salé chaque côté, les retourné dans la farine, puis dans les oeufs battus et puis dans la chapelure.Faîtes les frire chaque côté dans l'huile très chaud à feu fort ou moyen.
a feu fort les courgettes serons plus croquantes, mi-cuit à l'intérieure. servir avec riz, pommes de terre vapeur persillé ou une salade."

Ingredients for korean dish of


- 1 zucchini (medium)
- salt and pepper

- 2 eggs, beaten
- 1/2 cup flour
- vegetable oil for pan frying

For Sauce:
- 1 tablespoon soy sauce
- 1 tablespoon rice vinegar

- pinch pepper
Hobakjeon or pan-fried white zucchini... 

... so this is my own korean fusion:
Hobakjeon or pan-fried white zucchini (courgette) with grilled meat, sesame seeds and my seasoned garlic sauce 
(& let's use chopsticks... )
Special thanks.
Thank you & bon appetit!
Dovlecei Pane / Pan-fried white zucchini / Courgettes panées / Hobakjeon

                                          Dovlecei Pane / Pan-fried white zucchini /
                                                     Courgettes panées / Hobakjeon.
Arhiva foto privată/ Private photos archive.
Click to see enlarged views.

Please don't forget the latin saying: "De gustibus non est disputandum".
Your taste is your choice!

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  1. De superbes photos pour mettre en valeur ce légume de l'été: la courgette. Que de bonnes recettes!
    Nous en avons aussi des rondes! Quand elles sont jeunes on peut même les râper en salades! Je crois que les recettes sont vraiment très nombreuses.
    Bon appétit!

    1. Quel tips doit faire une ainsi... "peut même etre râper en salades"..

      beaucoups de recettes... des idées!!!
      vraiment c'est formidable comme ca et... j'admet que j'ai le plaisir de faire du fusion en cuisine... un peu d'ici...puis de la... ainsi c'est un preparat subjectif qui resulte...
      Merci a tous que vous dit... et un bon weekend!


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