miercuri, 3 iulie 2013

Deja cu gândul la… "Cuptor" în iulie!

              It's July! ...it is said that the name of the month comes from Julius - the name of the Roman general Julius Caesar :  It was named by the Roman Senate in honor of the Roman general, Julius Caesar, it being the month of his birth. Prior to that, it was called Quintilis.”

              I'm not so sure if that those rainy days are really gone for good until october as it can be seen at the forecast weather.... And I believe that much more than just a little bit of sunny moments shall really be in this summer!!
            After all...it's july, the month of "Cuptor"... in freely translation: the warmest month of the summer when it can be consider it to be as hot as a hot oven (Cuptor) or near by... LOL

             Soon every one of us will have to face to the long summer days of warmth beyond to normal degrees of... cooking some hot dishes...
but even in this aspect I dare to believe that some of us will continue to happy - happy cook...

              So... let's have a look at what we can indulge ourselves with...
                                          - What about a summery dish of ...

                          ... chicken borscht with lovage, chilli and broad egg noodles!!

or... some dishes cooked in a really very hot oven... as long as I'm writing about the hot temperature of the month of july ... Cuptor!!

                                 Chicken stew with olives

                                 Pork chops with assorted summer salad

                               Crème brûlée / a sweet dessert  

                         Soon details about these homemade recipes in the next posts.

           Also I found out that there is an english expression to describe the hottest days of july or august: "the dog days of summer"...
actually to have the whole picture I must say that I've read an article about how to stay productive "during the inevitable summer slow-down", article full of advices for entrepreneurs and business owners, but for sure that they can be shared of everybody who's interested ...
so: you can read the article here

          Finally have a productive, nice & sunny summer and always have fun while cooking!
                                      Happy cooking, indeed!

  • Nota bene. Despre luna:                                    Iulie*

“Numele lunii iulie este de origine latină. La început, această lună se chema quintilis, adică “a cincea” (numărătoarea începea din martie). După moartea lui Caius Iulius Caesar, luna a fost numită Iulius, în onoarea transformatorului statului roman.”
                           (*Articol publicat de academician Alexandru Graur în “Tempo”, 5.VII. 1939)

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