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Stuffed bell peppers / Recipe of "Ardei umpluţi"

                                          So.. this is the summer?!   I'm so confused: where is the sunny summer? what about... this unusual stormy weather?
 Some info about storm.
In the end of the post... let me tell you something about a homemade dish called "ardei umpluţi" (stuffed bell peppers)! It is specific to summer when the bell peppers and the tomatoes are the special ingredients.                                   
Heavy rain or the stormy weather looks like a "european monsoon"?
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(Stormy weather in july and recipe of stuffed bell peppers - read below);
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             About "european monsoon", I must tell you that I found out an answer (some details)  relating to the changing weather (especially rainy stormy days) on wikipedia:
"The European Monsoon (more commonly known as the Return of the Westerlies) is the result of a resurgence of westerly winds from the Atlantic, where they become loaded with wind and rain.These Westerly winds are a common phenomenon during the European winter, but they ease as spring approaches in late March and through April and May. The winds pick up again in June, which is why this phenomenon is also referred to as "the return of the westerlies".
The rain usually arrives in two waves, at the beginning of June and again in mid to late June. The European monsoon is not a monsoon in the traditional sense in that it doesn't meet all the requirements to be classified as such."

Well, this sort of  the storm who came just like.. "out of blue"... succeeded to make us feel somehow.... so annoyed...

                     ...So, in order to change the mood, I'm pleased to share some things about a special dish, a homemade one...
                                            Ardei umpluţi/ Stuffed bell peppers!
(some info about Romanian cuisine)

"Ardei umpluţi (Romanian pronunciation: [arˈdej umˈplut͡sʲ]) is Romanian for "stuffed peppers". This dish is usually prepared with bell peppers stuffed with ground meat (usually pork), rice, onion, and other vegetables and spices and then boiled in a sauce made from cream, tomatoes, and spices."
                                                       the recipe is easy:

                   Stuffed bell peppers with rice, seasoned meat and  parsley 
(cooked in a large pot).


10-12 green bell peppers;
250 ml. tomatos sauce;
150 ml. vegetable oil;
green chilli peppers; ground black pepper;

Seasoning - according to taste!

For the stuffing:

8 tomatos;
4 onions - sliced and well cooked in vegetable oil;
300 gr. rice (well cooked, also, and mixed with the onions);
400 gr. meat (by preferance: ground meat - chiken, beaf, pork);
ground black pepper;
parsley or according to taste: some other spicy ingredients.

After bell peppers are washed and scooped, in the cavity add the mixture of rice, spicy meat and onion. Use a slice of tomato in the top. Next - add the tomato sauce and salt, pepper or chilli. At the end of cooking - add the parsley.
Seasoning - according to taste!
All the (very well garnished) bell peppers are cooked in a pot .
(time of cooking:1 h 30 min).

nb. For a vegetarian style recipe: can it be used seasoned rice or a mixture of champignons, onions and rice according to taste!

Home-made presentation:

Also you can read about a very interesting post relating to the stuffed dishes here
About Stuffed bell peppers on Wikipedia
"In The Balkans and Central Europe"
Punjena paprika (Croatian and Serbian for "stuffed peppers"), Speca të mbushur (Albanian), Filovana paprika (Bosnian), Faszerowana papryka (Polish), Polnjena paprika (Slovenian), Полнети пиперки (Polneti piperki) (Macedonian), Plněná paprika (Czech), Plnená Paprika (Slovak), Töltött paprika (Hungarian), Gefüllte Paprika (German) or Pulnena piperka/Pulnena chuska (Bulgarian) is a Central and Southeast European dish consisting of peppers filled with minced meat and rice. Most popular in the Zagorje and Vojvodina regions, it is influenced by Hungarian cuisine. The meat, usually ground beef, is mixed with herbs, spices and rice. In Bulgaria, stuffed peppers are usually eaten with yogurt. Another variety of stuffed peppers in Bulgaria is made with mixed white cheese and eggs instead of meat and rice as stuffing.

Ardei umpluţi
Ardei umpluţi (Romanian pronunciation: [arˈdej umˈplut͡sʲ]) is Romanian for "stuffed peppers". This dish is usually prepared with bell peppers stuffed with ground meat (usually pork), rice, onion, and other vegetables and spices and then boiled in a sauce made from cream, tomatoes, and spices."
Happy cooking!

Info data about weather, cooking: wikipedia, internet

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  1. je vois que la tempête ne t'as pas coupé l'appétit
    : )
    il ne faut pas se laisser abattre...
    Belles photos

    Sérieusement... les températures extrêmes de cette année vont finir par détruire des parts importantes de productions agricoles, entre printemps pourri, inondations de régions entières et orages de grêle dévastateurs, il nous faut réaliser que nous sommes très fragiles, en fait, et cesser de tant bétonner

    1. Vraiment, oui, mais oui... :)
      maintenant - c'est le debut de la canicule qui empeche l'activite habituelle... parmi les tempetes, inondations (l'effets du pluie en avril, mai ou june jusque au debut du july) on verra les effets au tous les niveaux... (et oui: il faut "cesser de tant betonner" )

      aussi je ne peut laisse la tempete ou la canicule de "couper" tout l'activite...LOL! Il y a des raisons... j'ai lu un post sur le blog d'un Grand Chef vis a-vis des stuffed dishes... I was "charmed"... similar dishes in different regions!
      So I did my version of stuffed bell peppers!

      Bon soiree et je vous remercie beaucoup!


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