vineri, 18 ianuarie 2013

My own "Dak bokkeum tang" / Spicy Chicken Stew / Tocăniţă de pui cu legume

So: my own recipe... almost korean, but I find out to be romanian, too and a little bit in french style... I suppose!

 - breast of chicken, wings or the whole chicken;
 - vegetables: onions, carrots, potatoes, red pepper paste, tomatoes, bell peppers;
- salt and pepper, bay leaf;
- chilli peppers, as you like...
- a large cup of boiling water; vegetable oil;
- not at least: imagination or fun... a lot of it!!! LOL... :) funny face

         The onion and carrots are separated cooked into a frying pan... and then stir together.
After a while add the chicken cooked, and also the vegetables plus the chicken breast cooked or grilled...

         Next step: Add the potatoes and of course... stir very well! In the end: tomatoes and bell peppers... At the very end add salt and pepper, chilli powder and a bay leaf as you like or according to taste...

The recipe about "The Spicy chicken stew"  - I found it reading a korean post and I thought that similar elements/ ingredients are, also, in the very known roumanian culinary dish called: Stew with chicken meat and vegetables or  "tocană cu carne de pui și legume". 
Also, you can watch this video about a very tasty recipe: Spicy Braised Chicken or Dakbokkeumtang presented by Chef Maangchi...  Dakbokkeumtang

  Reţeta adaptată/Recipe adapted:

 My own recipe of
 "Dak bokkeum tang ou Dakdori Tang"
"Spicy chicken stew"
Tocăniţă de pui

"De gustibus non est disputandum!" 

Enjoy! Pofta Buna! Bon Appetit!
     Kamsahamnida! Many Thanks! Mulţumesc mult!
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2 comentarii:

  1. Votre plat est très appétissant. La cuisine est aussi un moyen d'échange formidable. Chaque région apporte sa petite touche locale. Je vois que vous utilisez des feuilles de laurier, chez nous il pousse à côté de la cuisine!
    Merci de ce partage!

  2. Je vous y a des choses dans ma vie...pleine d'importance. Il s'agit des petits choses, des couleurs, d'impressions, emotions...des petits trucs qui font ce chemin de la agreable!! et bien oui - j'adore les feuilles de laurier(vrai que ici "il pousse a cote de"...le hypermarche - LOL)...voila c'est bon.... j'apprends des phrase nouveau... Merci aussi pour votre postes, tous les infos du votre blog dedie a la nature!!


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